Views for 2011-06-28

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Jules Boykoff
Why the Insurance Industry Gets Climate Change
When it comes to climate change, the US Congress is a hornets' nest of political dysfunction. Last month, President Barack Obama nominated energy executive John Bryson to lead the commerce department...
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Norman Solomon
Nuclear Dangers Close to Home
Several decades ago, three expert nuclear engineers told a congressional panel why they decided to quit: "We could no longer justify devoting our life energies to the continued development and...
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John Feffer
Art v. State
In the vast exhibition hall of London's Tate Modern, the installation looks from a distance like a huge patch of gravel. Perhaps it is the first stage of a construction site or the last stage of a...
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Andrew Bacevich
On the Mend?: America Comes to Its Senses
At periodic intervals, the American body politic has shown a marked susceptibility to messianic fevers. Whenever an especially acute attack occurs, a sort of delirium ensues, manifesting itself in...
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Robert Parry
How Greed Destroys America
If the “free-market” theories of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman were correct, the United States of the last three decades should have experienced a golden age in which the lavish rewards flowing to the...
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Subhankar Banerjee
New Mexico Is Burning With Potential For Nuclear Contamination
My home state, New Mexico is right now burning dangerously with the Las Conchas Fire. And, we have the potential for nuclear contamination. Here is a report from home.
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Laura Leigh
Killing the Old West: The BLM's Strange Way of 'Protecting' America's Wild Horses
You learn many interesting things traveling on public lands following the wild horse issue in the American West. You learn that after standing in sub-zero temperatures, attempting to document winter...
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Beverly Bell
Monsanto in Haiti
HINCHE, Haiti, June 27 – Last week, thousands of farmers and supporters of Haitian peasant agriculture marched for hours under the hot Caribbean sun to call for more government support for locally...
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Kelly McCartney
How to Share Land
When looking through the lens of collaborative consumption or the mesh , it's easy to see how many of our needs can be met through sharing with others to some lesser or greater degree.
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Tim Karr
The U.S. Congress: Where It Pays to Deceive
Why are more than 70 House Democrats helping AT&T lie to you? They just signed on to an industry letter that was so riddled with misinformation about AT&T’s proposed merger with T-Mobile it’s...
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Philip Goff
Our Glastonbury U2 Protest Was a Call for an Ethical Tax Culture
On 24 June Art Uncut erected a 9ft-wide, 24ft-high column at the front of the audience at U2's set at Glastonbury, with the words "U PAY TAX 2?". This expression of our concerns was quickly pulled...
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Michael Winship
The Rich Are Different from You and Me. They Make More Money – and Lemonade
Washington, DC, is a Potemkin village of alabaster and marble where the perpetually stalled and broken escalators of the city’s subway system are a perfect metaphor for the government’s inability to...
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Jim Hightower
Perry's Prayer-Palooza
When Texas became a republic in 1836, its constitution banned "ministers of the gospel" from holding any political office.
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Bill McKibben
If Brazil Has to Guard Its Rainforest, Why Does Canada/U.S. Get to Burn Its Tar Sands?
It was big news in Canada when, in 2008, the country slipped from the top-ten list of the world's most peaceful countries (all the way to eleventh). By this year, it was back in eighth , 74 places...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
29 Miners and Massey's Coal Crimes
It was Easter Weekend 2010 when 33-year-old Gary Quarles —a skilled miner with 14 years experience and a father of two— and an “up and coming” miner, Nicolas McCroskey, 26, were having dinner with a...
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Kay Tillow
One Montana County's Medicare-for-All Coverage
Back when he presided over the Senate's health care reform debate, Max Baucus, chairman of the all-powerful Senate Finance Committee, had said everything was on the table — except for single-payer...
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Tom Engelhardt
“Unprecedented” World: Climate Change Superlatives and Where They Are Taking Us
Let’s see: today, it’s a story about rising sea levels. Now, close your eyes, take a few seconds, and try to imagine what word or words could possibly go with such a story.
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Laura Flanders
How Corporations Award Themselves Legal Immunity
Worried about the influence of money in American politics, the huge cash payouts that the US supreme court waved through by its Citizens United decision – the decision that lifted most limits on...
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