Views for 2011-06-23

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Matthew Rothschild
Obama: Three More Years of War in Afghanistan
Our war president promised more war. While he trumpeted his big Afghanistan speech as the first step in ending that war, Barack Obama essentially told the American people that tens of thousands of...
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Yifat Susskind
Obama Backpedals on Empty Promises to Afghan Women
Last night, President Obama took to the airwaves to announce the “accelerated” withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan: 10,000 troops out by the end of the year and a total of 33,000 out by the end...
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Gareth Porter
Obama Leaves Door Open to Long-Term U.S. Afghan Combat
President Barack Obama's speech announcing that the 33,000 "surge" troops in Afghanistan will be withdrawn by "summer" 2012 indicates that he has given priority to the interests of the military and...
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Michael Ratner, Margaret Ratner Kunstler
Anything Goes: The New FBI Guidelines
The FBI should not be given more power to spy on dissenters in America. In fact, it should not have that power at all. Once upon a time, the FBI could investigate a person or organization only when...
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Patti Lynn
McDiabetes: Top Docs Tell McDonald's To Stop Marketing Junk
McDonald's should heed a call from some of the nation's leading health professionals and stop marketing junk food to kids.
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H. Patricia Hynes
Reflections on Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan
On Wednesday June 22, President Obama announced that 10,000 US combat troops will return from the war in Afghanistan by the end of 2011 and that all troops will be withdrawn by 2014. The news is...
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Robert Jensen
The Anguish in the American Dream
Whether celebrated or condemned, the American Dream endures, though always ambiguously. We are forever describing and defining, analyzing and assessing the concept, and with each attempt to clarify,...
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Tom Engelhardt
Nine War Words That Define Our World: 'Victory' Is the Verbal Equivalent of a Yeti
Now that Washington has at least six wars cooking (in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and more generally, the global war on terror), Americans find themselves in a new world of war. If,...
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Linh Dinh
Sentimental Mass Murderer
When Obama came into power, there were roughly 35,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Within two years, he tripled that number. Now, Obama announces that 10,000 soldiers will come home by the end of...
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Jeff Biggers
FOX and Republicans Rerun Mexicans, Lies and Videotape, As Arizona Becomes Grand Canyon State Again
As Interior Secretary Ken Salazar joined Havasupai tribal elders and Congressman Raul Grijalva for a historic announcement at the Grand Canyon National Park on Monday, Republicans across Arizona...
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Robert C. Koehler
Mohammed at Four O'Clock
What’s so funny about …? Oh, let’s say, a Muslim guy walking through the airport, or the bride of Frankenstein … or saliva. It’s all there — and more! — at an exhibit called “What Makes Us Smile?” at...
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Bill Quigley
Haiti Facts Seventeen Months after Earthquake
Haiti experienced a major earthquake January 12, 2010. Tens of thousands died, estimates range from 65,000 to 230,000 people killed. About 2 million more people were displaced. Haiti was already the...
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Naomi Klein, Wendell Berry, Maude Barlow, Bill McKibben and Others
Environmental Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
Dear Friends, This will be a slightly longer letter than common for the internet age—it’s serious stuff. The short version is we want you to consider doing something hard: coming to Washington in the...
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