Views for 2011-06-17

Friday, June 17, 2011
Roger Hickey
AARP Tells Members They Won't Fight Social Security Benefit Cuts
The front page of today's Wall Street Journal features an article [ Key Seniors Association Pivots on Benefit Cut ] reporting that AARP "is dropping its longstanding opposition to cutting Social...
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Zoe Weil
To Solve Education Crisis We Must Refute Faulty Assumptions
Among the biggest challenges we face in “educational reform” are the many faulty assumptions that underlie our efforts to fix the problems we perceive in schools. Because we fail to deeply assess and...
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Bill Ayers
Can Canada Really Be Scared of Free-Thinking?
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Robert Weissman
Excessive Oil Speculation: Wall Street's Tax on Us
Where are the anti-tax activists when you need them? They should be protesting outside of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, denouncing the agency for failing to take action. And they should...
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Jimmy Carter
Call Off the Global Drug War
In an extraordinary new initiative announced earlier this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy has made some courageous and profoundly important recommendations in a report on how to bring...
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Simon Jenkins
Eisenhower's Worst Fears Came True. We Invent Enemies to Buy the Bombs
Why do we still go to war? We seem unable to stop. We find any excuse for this post-imperial fidget and yet we keep getting trapped. Germans do not do it, or Spanish or Swedes. Britain's borders and...
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Johann Hari
Cheap Meat, MRSA and Deadly Greed
Here is a news story that could determine whether you live or die. Many of the world's scientists are warning that one of the mightiest weapons doctors have against sickness is being rendered useless...
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William Barclay
The Bush Tax Cuts: A Decade of Economic Disaster
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first of the two tax cuts sought by President George W. Bush. The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act was enacted in 2001 to be followed, in...
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Dave Zirin
Understanding Vancouver's 'Hockey Riot'
How do we understand the riots that exploded in Vancouver after the beloved Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals? How do we understand the burning cars, broken glass and injuries that stand as an...
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Danny Schechter
In Spain's Tahrir Square: A Revolution Struggles to Be Born
MADRID, Spain -- Spain is justly proud of the Paella, a distinctive dish that mixes diverse vegetables or seafood into a tasty fusion of delectability. They have now created a political version in...
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David Benjamin
Government: It’s the Magnitude, Stupid!
BROOKLYN — It seems as though everyone in America, right-wing and left-wing, Democrats and Republicans, the Tea Party and the DLC, have all come kumbaya-together on one overarching vision of the...
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Medea Benjamin
Will U.S. Mayors Vote Against War?
Senate Armed Services Chair Carl Levin—a Democrat from Michigan--had just put down the gavel, marking the end of the confirmation hearing for Leon Panetta to be the next Secretary of Defense, when...
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Kathy Kelly
“Don’t Look Away—The Siege of Gaza Must End”
In late June 2011, I’m going to be a passenger on “ The Audacity of Hope ,” the USA boat in this summer’s international flotilla to break the illegal and deadly Israeli siege of Gaza. Organizers,...
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