Views for 2011-06-14

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Donna Smith
SiCKO’s 4th Anniversary – Heaven Can Wait, Wall Street Needs a Protest
We were on an airplane returning from the NYC Ziegfeld Theater premiere of Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary film, SiCKO, and I told my husband that if the plane went down and we died, I would now...
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John Feffer
Webb's Parting Shots
To get elected to the Senate, you have to meet certain requirements. You have to be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen for nine years, and a resident of the state you represent. Based on Jim Webb'...
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Glenn Greenwald
Yet Another Illegal War - Now in Yemen
Both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post report today that the Obama administration is planning to exploit the disorder from the civil war in Yemen by dramatically escalating a CIA-led...
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Jessica Opoien
False Flag Operation in Wisconsin's Open Primary
When Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette pushed for the creation of an open-primary system in Wisconsin, his intent was to weaken the power of political party bosses beholden to special interests, like...
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Ralph Nader
Fighting for FOIA
The 45th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) next month should remind all who have used this wonderful citizen tool against government secrecy and cover-ups of FOIA’s towering...
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Sarah Vekasi
Appalachia Is Rising: The March on Blair Mountain
This past week history came alive again in the hills and hollows of West Virginia through a successful march to Blair Mountain, WV organized by a coalition of community members, environmentalists and...
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William Astore
Siamese Twins Sharing the Same Brain: How the Military and the Civilian Are Blurring in Washington
I have a fairy tale for you. Once upon a time, a representative democracy was established with a constitution that distilled the wisdom of the ages. Its foundational principles included civilian...
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Jeff Biggers
Arizona's Precious Knowledge: Blockbuster New Film Chronicles Ethnic Studies Battle
As ethnic studies defenders in Arizona prepare for the latest showdown in the state's controversial ban this week , a blockbuster new film chronicling the unknown back story behind the crisis is...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Around the Globe, US Military Bases Generate Resentment, Not Security
As we debate an exit from Afghanistan , it’s critical that we focus not only on the costs of deploying the current force of more than 100,000 troops , but also on the costs of maintaining permanent...
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Daniel J. Weiss, Valeri Vasquez
American Electric Power’s Dirty Trick
On June 9, American Electric Power , a major utility company that owns plants from Texas to Virginia, announced that it plans to close 21 coal-fired electricity units rather than invest in reducing...
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Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
The Magical Realism of Body Counts
A gypsy named Melquiades who died many years ago in Singapore returned to live with the family of Colonel Aureliano Buendia in Macondo, because he could no longer bear the tedium of death. These are...
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Wendell Potter
Health Insurers Pump Your Premiums Into a Financial Black Hole
Ever wonder what happens to the premiums you pay for your health insurance? You might be surprised to learn that more and more of the dollars you pay for coverage are being sucked into a kind of...
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Jim Hightower
The GOP's Medicare Lies
In an astonishing observation, Rep. Paul Ryan recently declared: "Washington has not been honest with you." Gosh, Paul, that possibility never occurred to us!
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John Reynolds
Children Pay Ultimate Price of Iraq's Poisonous Wartime Legacy
THE AIRY, bright and modern corridors of the new, $166 million (€116 million) 101-bed Laura Bush hospital for children with cancer are a short car journey from the colourfully painted, but ageing Ibn...
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