Views for 2011-04-24

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Thomas S. Harrington
Language, "Promontory Views" and American Perceptions of the World
Imagine for a moment that you were preparing for a fact-finding trip to a foreign country and that you had to choose between background reports produced by two competing informants.
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Linda Wagner Schmoldt
A Time to Weep, A Time To…
In 1944 our mother married our father, a fresh seminary graduate and moved with him from Ohio to eastern Montana. She was twenty-two, bright, pretty, and funny. Besides her upbringing in a loving,...
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Lester Brown
This Will Be the Arab World's Next Battle
Long after the political uprisings in the Middle East have subsided, many underlying challenges that are not now in the news will remain. Prominent among these are rapid population growth, spreading...
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John Nichols
Wisconsin: Numbers Show Walker Recall a Real Prospect
Wisconsinites who have a taste for democracy are in for a treat this year, and they have Gov. Scott Walker to thank for it. Walker’s attempt to strip state, county and municipal employees and...
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Will Hutton
The United States Faces a Crisis Not Seen Since the Depression
Maybe it's because Boston is different, a semi-detached city in one of the US's most liberal states. But the news that the world's biggest economy had had its creditworthiness challenged for the...
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Peter Custers
Still No Escape from Killer Chernobyl
LEIDEN, the Netherlands - The accident could have served as a wake-up call to the whole of humanity. Twenty-five years ago, on Apr. 26 1986, disaster struck at the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl...
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