Views for 2011-04-23

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Glenn Greenwald
President Obama Speaks on Manning and the Rule of Law
Protesters Thursday interrupted President's Obama speech at a $5,000/ticket San Francisco fundraiser to demand improved treatment for Bradley Manning. After the speech, one of the protesters, Logan...
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Michele Naar-Obed
Nonviolent Demonstrations End and Military Occupation Begins in Suleimaniya Iraq
Today marks the fourth day since Azadi (Freedom) Square in Suleimaniya Iraq was violently overthrown by military forces following 62 days of primarily nonviolent protests against corruption by the...
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César Chelala
Bahrain Government's Attacks on Doctors
The Government of Bahrain has been conducting a systematic attack on doctors and other medical personnel, ostensibly because of care they are providing to protesters attacked and maimed by government...
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Kenneth Saltman
More Failed Corporate School Reform for Chicago: Rahm Emanuel’s Selection of Jean-Claude Brizard
The day after election day in Chicago the Chicago Sun-Times suggested that with the problems facing mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel he may end up a one term mayor. In Emanuel’s first major act as he enters...
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Michelle Chen
The Growing Food Crisis, and What World Leaders Aren’t Doing About It
If all goes as planned for the G-20 this year, leaders of the world’s most powerful economies will convene to issue bold proclamations, talk past each other, and quietly agree to do virtually nothing...
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Ray McGovern
Surprise, Surprise! Iraq War Was About Oil
Afghanistan may be the graveyard of empires, but Iraq is home to a graveyard sense of humor. Iraqis wonder aloud whether the U.S. and Britain would have invaded Iraq if its main export had been...
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Michael Winship
Congress: Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks
Remember that scene in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" when Jimmy Stewart arrives in the capital for the first time? The freshman senator shakes off his handlers in Union Station and jumps onto a...
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