Views for 2011-04-22

Friday, April 22, 2011
Rainey Reitman
"Who Has Your Back?" In Depth: Corporate Transparency About Government Demands for User Information
EFF recently launched a campaign calling on companies to stand with their users when the government comes looking for data. (If you haven’t done so, sign our petition urging companies to provide...
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Robert Reich
Beware the “Middle Ground” of the Great Budget Debate
How debates are framed is critical because the “center” or “middle ground” is supposedly halfway between the two extremes. We continue to hear that the Great Budget Debate has two sides: The...
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Maude Barlow, Shannon Biggs
On Earth Day, Recognize the Rights of Mother Earth
This Earth Day, we need to start envisioning a future based not on exploiting nature but on recognizing that nature has inherent rights. Ironically, this week also marks the one-year anniversary of...
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Ralph Nader
Stripmining America - Unpatriotically
It is time to apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations and demand that they pledge allegiance to the United States and “the Republic for which is stands…. with liberty...
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Glen Ford
Black Caucus Overwhelmingly Supports “People’s Budget”
When the enemy convinces us that his victory is inevitable, then he has already won the psychological war. Wall Street, which owns the White House, most of both Houses of Congress and, quite...
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Yifat Susskind
On Earth Day and Every Day, Women Protect the Planet
It’s easy to feel desolate about the terrible damage being done to our planet by resource exploitation, industrial agriculture, pollution, deforestation, fossil fuel consumption and more. The BP oil...
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Glenn Greenwald
Nobel Peace Drones
A U.S. drone attack in Pakistan killed 23 people this morning, and this is how The New York Times described that event in it headline and first paragraph:
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Wendell Potter
GOP's Medicare Plan Would Be a Windfall for Insurers
Rep. Paul Ryan 's plan to privatize Medicare would accelerate a trend started several years ago by corporate CEOs and their political allies to shift ever-increasing amounts of risk from Big Business...
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Madeleine Bunting
The US Swallowed These Cups of Tea to Justify Its Imperial Aims
In the mid-90s an American nurse, Greg Mortenson, was sleeping in his car to save rent so he could fulfil a promise he made to build a school in remote northern Pakistan. Fifteen years later, his...
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Jeremy Brecher, Brendan Smith
Citing Jobs and the Environment, More Unions Backing EPA
At the start of 2011, as the energy corporations, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Tea Party right launched their assault on environmental protection and the EPA, it looked like public opinion and...
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Michelle Chen
Consensus Builds on Free Trade Deals, Alongside Proof of Their Toll
The National Security Archive , an independent research group, released this month a series of documents raising disturbing new questions about the relationship between the Cincinnati-based Chiquita...
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Robert Naiman
Barbara Boxer: Champion in the Senate Against the Afghanistan War
If you've ever spent quality time trying to move an agenda through Congress, you know that moving an agenda isn't just about lobbying individual Members. You need a "champion" for your issue. The...
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Gareth Porter
The Obama-Gates Maneuver on Military Spending
Last week Barack Obama announced that he wants to cut $400 billion in military spending and said he would work Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the Joint Chiefs on a “fundamental review” of U.S...
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Tom Engelhardt
Shunning the Word “Permanent”
Military bases R U.S. Or so it seems. After the invasion of 2003, the Pentagon promptly started constructing a series of monster bases in occupied Iraq, the size of small American towns and with most...
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