Views for 2011-04-13

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Jodi Jacobson
The Anti-Choice Movement: "Not Intended to Be Factual"
Last week, during the high-drama of the budget crisis and impending shutdown of the federal government, Senator John Kyl took to the floor of the Senate to pillory Planned Parenthood. He had no real...
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Robert Scheer
The False Debate on the Debt
In the ever-so-smug company of the rich and powerful it is a given that there is never to be any expression of remorse or other acknowledgement of the pain they have inflicted on the lesser mortals...
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Robert Reich
Mr. President: Why Medicare Isn’t the Problem, It’s the Solution
I hope when he tells America how he aims to tame future budget deficits the President doesn’t accept conventional Wasington wisdom that the biggest problem in the federal budget is Medicare (and its...
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Laura Flanders
When Will It Be Time to Cut Military Spending?
On Tuesday, April 12, people in more than 35 countries, as well as Columbus, Dallas, Kansas City and dozens of other cities throughout the United States participated in the first Global Day of Action...
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John Feffer
Libya War Is No Pentagon Lifeline
The United States is fighting another war--of unknown scope and length--in Libya. At a time of budget-cutting fever on Capitol Hill, the war represents a potential lifeline for the Pentagon. If you...
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Tom Engelhardt
A Must-Do Foreign Policy
Was there ever an American president who publicly told more people on this planet what they must do than George W. Bush? I suspect not. He’s gone, of course, but America’s version of a “must-do”...
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Amy Goodman
U.S.-Backed Bloodshed Stains Bahrain’s Arab Spring
Three days after Hosni Mubarak resigned as the long-standing dictator in Egypt, people in the small Gulf state of Bahrain took to the streets, marching to their version of Tahrir, Pearl Square, in...
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