Views for 2011-04-12

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Dean Baker
Some Market Discipline for Economists
Last month, the International Monetary Fund's independent evaluation office issued a remarkable report . The report quite clearly blamed the IMF for failing to recognise the factors leading up to the...
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Susan Feiner
GOP's Attack on Child Labor Threatens Our Daughters
It's Equal Pay Day, a time to review the reasons why so many hard working women find themselves chronically running short on cash. Women need to work 15 weeks into 2011 to earn what men earned in...
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H. Patricia Hynes
25 Years After Chernobyl: Lessons Learned
In the early morning of April 26, 1986, an explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power reactor #4 released a radioactive plume which by nightfall had hurtled four miles into the atmosphere. An intense...
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Betsy Hartmann
Why Anti-Nuclear Belongs in All of Our Movements
The stakes are getting higher by the day in the radioactive roulette playing out at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. On Monday the Japanese government finally widened the evacuation zone and is...
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Ralph Nader
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: Taking Progressives for Granted
When liberals and progressives have nowhere to go, New York’s new Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo can move toward the corporatist-right of the political spectrum with impunity. Brandishing an...
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Robert Naiman
Can Jeff Sachs Get Us Out of Afghanistan?
Could an Ivy League economist end the war in Afghanistan? Maybe, if that economist is Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs has "taken to the hustings" against President Obama's plans for cuts in domestic spending...
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Ted Rall
Zero Salary for Congress
MIAMI--Most Americans don't like Moammar Kadafi or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. But that might change if they knew their paychecks. The leaders of Libya and Iran get $9,516 and $3,000 a year annually,...
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Andrew Bacevich
Not Why, But How: To the Shores of (and Skies Above) Tripoli
It is a commonplace of American politics: when the moving van pulls up to the White House on Inauguration Day, it delivers not only a closetful of gray suits and power ties, but a boatload of...
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Jim Hightower
Mickey Mouse Wage Hike
Good news, people: America's wages are up--the average worker is making more today than a year ago! How much more, you ask? Get ready to be excited: 58 cents a week.
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David Macaray
The United States Has Mexico….and Sweden Has Us
Who would have imagined that Sweden—of all countries—with its heavily unionized workforce, its social programs, its liberated sexual attitudes, its minimum wage of $18 per hour, and its 5 weeks of...
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Ira Chernus
Why Not a No-Fly Zone for Gaza?
The Arab League will ask the UN to impose a no-fly zone on Gaza , according to its Secretary-General Amr Moussa. “If the Arab League wants a no-fly zone in Gaza is it also talking about missiles that...
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Yifat Susskind
Don’t Let NATO Chill the Arab Spring
MADRE stands with the people of Libya fighting for democracy and an end to repressive government.
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Paul Buchheit
Who's #2 in Tax Avoidance? How About Exxon?
The nicest man I ever met worked behind the counter of the towing company that hauled away my car and charged me two days pay to get it back. I went in ranting mad, but the man was so understanding...
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Greg Kaufmann
Poverty in John Boehner's District
For forty years, Tina Osso has worked on food and poverty issues serving nearly all of speaker John Boehner’s 8th Congressional District of Ohio. She came to that work in 1973, when the oil embargo...
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Laura Flanders
Shareholders Fight Back as Democrats Compromise
The ink on the compromise that kept the government open—barely--isn't even dry and they're already talking about the next round of cuts in Washington. The New York Times led off this week with an...
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