Views for 2011-04-06

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Mary Bottari
Court Race Throws a Spanner in the Works of Wisconsin Wingnuts
While Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan prepares to shut down the federal government to prove that government is bad, analysts say the radical agenda of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suffered a major...
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Josh Stieber
Kill Team: The Bigger Picture
One year ago, Wikileaks’ “Collateral Murder video 1 created outrage over the actions of U.S. soldiers in Baghdad, including the platoon I deployed with. If that grisly video didn’t stop you in your...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Impotence of the Loyal Partisan Voter
Rachel Maddow last night issued a very harsh and eloquent denunciation of Obama's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before a military commission at Guantanamo rather than a real court. At the...
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Jim Hightower
Japan's Earthquake Jolts Shreveport
The corporate chieftains who've relentlessly pushed American factories and middle-class jobs offshore rationalize this globalization of production by declaring that it's all about efficiency, as...
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Peter Hart
Is There Really a Goldstone 'Retraction'?
The big Israel-Palestine news of the week is Richard Goldstone's op-ed in the Washington Post on Sunday ( 4/3/11 ). The short version you pick up from the media is that Goldstone has "retracted" his...
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Ray McGovern
Military Tribunal May Keep 9/11 Motives Hidden
The Obama administration’s decision to use a military tribunal rather than a federal criminal court to try alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others means the real motives behind...
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Amy Goodman
One Guantanamo Trial That Will Be Held in New York
On the same day President Barack Obama formally launched his re-election campaign, his attorney general, Eric Holder, announced that key suspects in the 9/11 attacks would be tried not in federal...
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Amanda Marcotte
How The "U-Word" Exposes the Anti-Choice Movement
Periodically in politics, there are events that create a dual reaction in all thinking people: 1) peals of laughter at the absurdity of it all and 2) the dreaded realization that many of our leaders...
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David Korten
Greed is Not a Virtue
This is the fourteenth of a series of blogs based on excerpts adapted from the 2nd edition of Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth . I wrote Agenda to spur a national...
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Robert Scheer
The Peasants Need Pitchforks
A “working class hero,” John Lennon told us in his song of that title, “is something to be/ Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV/ And you think you’re so clever and classless and free/ But you...
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