Views for 2011-03-28

Monday, March 28, 2011
Bill Quigley
Prison for Peacemakers in Tacoma, Washington
Two grandmothers, two priests and a nun were sentenced in federal court in Tacoma, WA Monday March 28, 2011, for confronting hundreds of US nuclear weapons stockpiled for use by the deadly Trident...
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Ralph Nader
Obama's March Madness
President Obama’s pick of Kansas to win the “March Madness” collegiate basketball tournament ended with their defeat by Virginia Commonwealth University this past Saturday.
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Robert Naiman
An Open Letter to Liberal Supporters of the Libya War
Middle East historian and blogger Juan Cole recently wrote a polemic against progressive U.S. critics of the new U.S. war in Libya.
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Stan Karp
Who’s Bashing Teachers and Public Schools and What Can We Do About It?
The short answer to this question is that far too many people are bashing teachers and public schools, and we need to give them more homework, because very few of them know what they’re talking about...
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Ira Helfand
Unsafe at Any Exposure
As the radioactive contamination of food, water, and soil in Fukushima, Japan worsens, the media is continuously reassuring us that these levels are "safe." But there is no safe level of radiation.
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Jay Walljasper
How to Design a Neighborhood for Happiness
Biology is destiny, declared Sigmund Freud.
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Jeff Biggers
All the President's (Coal) Men
What really happened in Wyoming last week? Perhaps we should ask billionaire coal hauler Warren Buffett, the "Oracle of Omaha."
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Ellen Brown
A Choice for States: Banks, Not Budget Crises
Cut spending, raise taxes, sell off public assets—these are the unsatisfactory solutions being debated across the nation, but the budget crises that nearly all the states are now suffering did not...
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Phyllis Bennis
Attack on Libya May Unleash a Long War
The United States and its allies launched the war against Libya on the eighth anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. President Barack Obama says the U.S. will transfer command authority very soon...
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Keith Harrington
The Clean Energy Revolution Won't Be About Clean Energy
The uprisings in the Middle East and the growing austerity-induced unrest among workers in the US and Europe have provided new hope for environmental movement leaders who for years have struggled to...
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Glenn Greenwald
Billionaire Self-Pity and the Koch Brothers
Since the financial crisis of 2008, one of the most revealing spectacles has been the parade of financial elites who petulantly insist that they are the victims of societal hostility: political...
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Tom Engelhardt
Glow in the Dark Euphemisms as the Japanese Nuclear Crisis Worsens
Somewhere, someone should write about the official euphemisms that accompany disasters. The roiling set of problems at the Fukushima nuclear complex seems only to grow as one unprecedented situation...
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Gray Brechin
New Deal's Legacy in Danger of Being Ruined
Many of those who worked for the New Deal believed that they were building a civilization. They left us thousands of schools, colleges, bridges, dams, murals, parks and aqueducts, now falling into...
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Harvey Wasserman
"Safe" Radiation is a Lethal Three Mile Island Lie
There is no safe dose of radiation. We do not x-ray pregnant women. Any detectable fallout can kill. With erratic radiation spikes, major air and water emissions and at least three reactors and waste...
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Chris Hedges
The Collapse of Globalization
The uprisings in the Middle East, the unrest that is tearing apart nations such as the Ivory Coast, the bubbling discontent in Greece, Ireland and Britain and the labor disputes in states such as...
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Rebecca Solnit
Unpacking for a Disaster: What You Need to Survive the Unexpected
The first American responses to the triple calamity in Japan were deeply empathetic and then, as news of the Fukushima nuclear complex’s leaking radiation spread, a lot of people began to freak out...
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