Views for 2011-03-22

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Jon Walker
Libya Reminds Us Almost No One in Washington Cares About Deficits
The Hill is reporting that the cost of our latest war military action in Libya could effectively wipe out all the deficit reduction House Republicans are trying to squeeze of out of cuts to domestic...
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Kevin Zeese
First Anniversary: The Incredible Shrinking Obama Health Care Law
At its one year anniversary the Obama health care law is shrinking while the health care crisis grows . Americans who lack any health coverage still exceeds 50 million, over 45,000 deaths occur...
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Medea Benjamin, Charles Davis
Instead of Bombing Dictators, Stop Selling Them Bombs
When all you have are bombs, everything starts to look like a target. And so after years of providing Libya’s dictator with the weapons he's been using against the people, all the international...
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Bill McKibben
Reliably, Irredeemably Wrong: The US Chamber of Commerce
What if I told you I’d found a political group that for a hundred years had managed to be absolutely right on every crucial political issue? A political lodestone, reliably pointing toward true...
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San Francisco Chronicle Editorial
AT&T's T-Mobile Deal Ominous for Consumers
There are clear winners and losers in AT&T's bid to purchase T-Mobile USA, the fourth-largest mobile phone company in the United States. The winners are AT&T shareholders (the stock rose 1.4...
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Laura Flanders
Stopping Walker's Steamroller In Wisconsin
The night that the Wisconsin Senate Republicans got together and forced through Scott Walker’s union-busting bill, many Wisconsinites cried foul. The state’s open-meetings law required more notice...
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Glenn Greenwald
Court Allows Constitutional Challenge to New FISA Law
In October, 2007, candidate Barack Obama -- in response to the Bush administration's demand for a new FISA law -- emphatically vowed that he would filibuster any such bill that contained retroactive...
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David Korten
Our Growth Economy: A System Designed to Crash
The unrealistic expectation that money should grow effortlessly in perpetuity [see my last blog ] is more than an issue of unrealizable expectations.
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Allison Kilkenny
Everyone Has a Stake in US Uncut's Fight
This weekend, US Uncut chapters in Georgia, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and California staged actions (a much larger nationwide protest is planned for March 26. Thus far, thirty cities have...
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Tom Engelhardt
Missing in the Japan Catastrophe: Thinking the Unthinkable
“ Seldom more than thrice annually did any layman or stranger travel the old road that passed the abbey, in spite of the oasis which permitted that abbey’s existence and which would have made the...
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Tim Karr
AT&T Takes America Back to the 'Monopolistic' Future
AT&T's plan to take over T-Mobile has set the stage for Washington's high-tech policy battle of 2011.
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Tom Gallagher
The Arrogance of Power - Ad Nauseam, Ad Infinitum
“These people weren’t gathering for a bake sale ... They were terrorists.”
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Rosa Maria Pegueros
Always Money for War, But Never for Schools
Every day, I receive solicitations from deserving charities helping everybody from children born with cleft palates to Haitian earthquake victims to elderly impoverished Israelis to paralyzed...
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Ted Rall
Libya: A War We Shouldn't Believe In
U.S. forces fired 110 cruise missiles at Libya on the first day of the war. Each one cost $755,000 to build; $2.8 million to transport, maintain and shoot. Austerity and budget cuts abound; there's...
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Marjorie Cohn
Stop Bombing Libya
Since Saturday night, the United States, France, and Britain have been bombing Libya with cruise missiles, B-2 stealth bombers, F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, and Harrier attack jets. There is no...
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