Views for 2011-03-12

Saturday, March 12, 2011
David Benjamin
Hey, Sweetheart, Can You Spare Your Uncle Sam a Dime?
BROOKLYN — The Tea Party Republicans who’ve taken over the budget process in Washington — as well as Trenton, Madison, Indianapolis and Columbus — need a refresher course in Willie Sutton. Asked why...
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Michelle Chen
Union Battleground Shifts From Wisconsin to Ohio—and Ballot Box
The movement has been set back for now, but the standoff in Madison captured labor's political imagination. Although the Republicans have cynically used the “ nuclear option ” to ram through the anti...
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Karl Grossman
Behind the Hydrogen Explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant
The explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is being described as caused by a “hydrogen build-up” The situation harks back to the “hydrogen bubble” that was feared would explode when the Three...
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John Nichols
Tractors Roll Into Madison, As Wisconsin Readies For The Biggest Protest Yet
The numbers tell the story of Wisconsin's resistance, and its resilience. The tens. The hundreds. The thousands. The tens of thousands. The hundreds of thousands
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John Atcheson
Facts, Scmacts: Welcome to the New Age of Unreason
How the hell did this happen? Thirty-five and two hundred years ago, our Founders established a nation and Constitution based on the Enlightenment conviction that science and reason was the ultimate...
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Pierre Tristam
Peter King’s Muslim McCarthyism
New York Congressman Peter King’s so-called homeland security hearing on Muslim radicalization should surprise no one. We’ve been at war with Islam abroad for 10 years. It’s amazing it’s taken this...
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Daniel Ellsberg
This Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning
President Obama tells us that he's asked the Pentagon whether the conditions of confinement of Bradley Manning, the soldier charged with leaking state secrets, "are appropriate and are meeting our...
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