Views for 2011-03-08

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Anika Rahman
International Women’s Day: Miles to Walk, in the US and Across the Seas
2011 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day – a day for the celebration of women worldwide.
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Ruth Conniff
Bullets, Snakes, and other Security Red Herrings As Wisconsin Republicans Scramble
Following two judges' court orders telling the governor he has to stop locking us out, the public has free, unfettered access to the Capitol building in Madison again . . . Well, sort of. You have to...
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Philip Mattera
Challenging Corporate America's Hiring Freeze
You would never know it from the preoccupation with budget deficits and the attack on public unions, but there is still a severe jobs crisis in the United States. The focus on the state and federal...
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Shiney Varghese
Reclaiming Rights on International Women’s Day Centennial
The year 2011 started with the news of food price hikes around the world pushing even more people, especially women, into hunger. But then along came images of women in Egypt in the forefront of a...
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Dave Zirin
Say it Loud on Opening Day: Baseball Must Move the All-Star Game from Arizona
At the risk of profound understatement, it’s been a difficult 2011 in the state of Arizona. Jared Loughner’s shooting spree that grievously injured Representative Gabrielle Giffords and killed six,...
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Robert Reich
The Birth of the People’s Party?
Look at the outrage in Madison, Wisconsin. Look at the crowds in DesMoines, Iowa. Look at the demonstrations in Indiana and Ohio and elsewhere around America. Hear what they’re saying: Stop attacking...
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James Carroll
The Disappearance of the Nightmare Arab
Since 2001, Americans have been living with a nightmare Arab, a Muslim monster threatening us to the core, chilling our souls with the cry, “God is great!” Yet after two months of world-historic...
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Afghans for Peace
The War is Killing Afghanistan's Children. Enough!
Careful examination of numerous reports, and images/video footage, along with eye-witness and victim testimonies, clarify that Afghan civilians are the main targets of deadly attacks by North...
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Ann Wright
Crime and (Disparate) Punishment for US Soldiers
The U.S. government is clearly signaling that murdering, raping, mutilating and assaulting are not nearly as serious as allegedly making available to the public documents that reveal embarrassing and...
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Ted Rall
Unions' Many Mistakes and Opportunities to Mend
I will never understand why the people who are jealous of unionized workers who earn $50,000 a year give a pass to the incompetent bank executives who get $5,000,000. Resentment is a terrible thing...
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Donna Smith
Trauma for Working Class in America: Fray or Distraction?
All over America, working class people are trying hard just to maintain. Jobs are not plentiful. Good jobs are less so. Most experts on the economy think it will be years, if ever, before the U.S...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Don’t Out-Educate Other Countries, Join Them
Today, President Obama will visit TechBoston Academy, where he “will continue to build on his State of the Union call for America to out-educate the competition to win the future,’’ says White House...
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Morris Davis
America's Much Abused Moral Authority
Once upon a time, Americans across the political spectrum were united behind efforts to prevent torture and punish torturers. The United States signed the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT) in 1988...
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Karen Greenberg
Obama's Guantánamo Policy: Legally and Morally Corrupt
In the nine years since the opening of the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, the country has moved incrementally towards institutionalising the existence of the facility.
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David Korten
From Buccaneers to Profiteers: On the Origin of Corporations
Like many Americans, I grew up believing that conservative values were about local control and personal responsibility for family, community, and nature. It seemed curious to me that the political...
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