Views for 2011-03-02

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Laila Lalami
Arab Uprisings and American Intervention
The news and images from Cairo three days ago were so strange I nearly did a double-take: John McCain, the indefatigable supporter of US military intervention for regime change in Iraq, had suddenly...
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Margaret Flowers
State Health Law Waivers: Opportunity or Ominous?
President Obama announced at the National Governors Association on Monday that he supports an amendment to the health law that would allow states some flexibility to innovate with their own models of...
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Ted Rall
The Phony Budget Crisis: Forget Austerity, Tax the Rich
Everywhere you look, from the federal government to the states to your hometown, budget crises abound. Services are being slashed. Politicians and pundits from both parties tell us that the good...
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Hossam el-Hamalawy
Egypt's Revolution Has Been 10 Years in the Making
In the 1990s, one could only whisper Hosni Mubarak's name. Political talk or jokes were avoided in phone calls.
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Sami Ramadani
Iraqis Get the Tahrir Spirit
As the walls of fear are being knocked down in one Arab country after another, the ugly concrete walls "of separation and intimidation" erected by the US-led forces in Iraqi cities have become a...
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John Nichols
Why a Wisconsin Sheriff Refuses to Serve as Governor Walker's "Palace Guard”
No one has worked harder – and smarter – to keep the peace in Madison during the dispute over Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to crush public employee unions than Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney.
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Matthew Rothschild
Did Scott Walker Confess to a Crime in Koch Prank?
In the now-infamous phony phone call to Scott Walker, the reporter impersonating the billionaire David Koch asked the Wisconsin governor about “planting some troublemakers” in the crowd of protesters.
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Medea Benjamin, Charles Davis
Republicans and Democrats Agree: Cut Aid for Poor People, Not Israel
With the U.S. economy in the tank and governments at all levels facing massive budget shortfalls, politicians left and right are seeking ways to curb spending. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to...
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David Korten
War Against the Middle Class
As did most Americans of my generation, I grew up in the post-World War II years believing that America was defined by a strong middle class supported by a durable bipartisan political consensus.
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Mary Anne Hitt
An Unprecedented Attack from Polluters
As a new mother, it breaks my heart when I hear stories from parents who are struggling with their kids' health problems. I know parents who live in fear of their child's next asthma attack. Some can...
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Dave Lindorff
Davis Arrest Throws US Undercover Campaign in Pakistan into Disarray
The ongoing case of Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor facing murder charges in Lahore for the execution-style slaying of two apparent agents of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, is...
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Laura Flanders
Capital or Community in Wisconsin?
It should be the sound of the other shoe dropping, but you’ll have to listen hard to Governor Scott Walker’s budget address because most media will miss most of it. It’s a funny thing about covering...
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Jim Hightower
The Kochs and the Guv Stir up a Hornets' Nest
Thank you, Scott Walker! And you, too, Charles and David Koch! Thanks for being so ham-handed in pushing your self-serving, virulently anti-union agenda on the schoolteachers, health care workers,...
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Michelle Chen
The Wave of Popular Uprisings Has Washed Beyond the Middle East
The tide of revolutions that rocked Tunisia and Egypt has stirred uprisings from Morocco to Libya , but it hasn’t been limited to the Middle East.
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Winslow Myers
Non-Violence: The Unconquerable Authority
Muhammar Khaddafy’s brutal reaction to the aspirations of his own people is becoming a textbook case in the futility of opposing the citizens from whose consent a leader’s political authority derives...
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Richard Wolff
How the Rich Soaked the Rest of Us
Over the last half century, the richest Americans have shifted the burden of the federal individual income tax off themselves and onto everybody else.
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Amy Goodman
The Battle of the Budgets: New Fronts in the Afghan and Iraq Wars
Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Idaho ... these are the latest fronts in the battle of budgets, with the larger fight over a potential shutdown of the U.S. government looming. These fights, radiating out...
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Mary Bottari
Wisconsin Governor Defies Court Order to Open Capitol
MADISON, Wisconsin – In a dramatic turn of events at the Wisconsin State Capitol Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker defied a court order to open the Capitol for normal business operations. State...
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