Views for 2011-02-25

Friday, February 25, 2011
Ralph Nader
Obama’s Silence on the Achievements of Struggling Nonprofits Is Deafening
President Obama uses his bully pulpit to tout profit-seeking corporations, but he rarely uses it to promote nonprofits that deliver social justice at home and abroad. When Mr. Obama went to India in...
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Michael Winship
Attacks on Unions Barking Up the Wrong Money Tree
"More cheese, less sleaze!" That was the funniest group chant at Tuesday’s rally of several hundred union and other progressive activists outside the Manhattan headquarters of Fox News.
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Allan Lichtman
The Strategy Behind the Budget Battles
Republican responses to budget challenges nationally and in Wisconsin come together as part of a long-standing strategy to destroy institutions that allegedly sustain the American left. Wisconsin...
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Jerome Hunt
Bullying Should Not Be a Teenage Rite of Passage
The rising number of teen suicides reported in the media is bringing national attention to issues of bullying, particularly bullying that is targeted toward individuals who are or are perceived to be...
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Glen Ford
“We’re Broke,” Say the Rich, and the Poor Must Pay
The American union movement may be headed for its Waterloo, a final debacle that could occur in Republican-ruled Wisconsin, but might just as easily happen at some later date in Democrat-governed New...
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Paul Krugman
Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.
Here’s a thought: maybe Madison, Wis., isn’t Cairo after all. Maybe it’s Baghdad — specifically, Baghdad in 2003, when the Bush administration put Iraq under the rule of officials chosen for loyalty...
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Beverly Bell
In Haiti, "We Will Never Fall Asleep Forgetting"
At the Toussaint Louverture Airport in Port-au-Prince, I spot Ronal’s taptap , pick-up-turned-public-bus, painted to resemble an Argentine flag - a salute to his favored team in last year’s World Cup...
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Sarah van Gelder
Dear Glenn Beck: It’s Not Conspiracy, It’s Courage
Glenn Beck has made a startling discovery. People are working together to make change!
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John Atcheson
The Plutocrat's Coup d'Etat, Their Republican Allies and Their Democratic Enablers
For thirty years, now, Republicans have been yammering about small government, deficits, the glories of the free market, and the incompetence and wastefulness of government. It’s all been a big lie,...
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Laura Flanders
Crushing Workers in Wisconsin Has National Effects
So that's what they mean by from welfare to work. First you go force the poorest Americans into the workforce, then you go after their bargaining power. Wisconsin has long been the eye of this storm...
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Robert Jensen
Consciousness Rising, World Fading
Our stories of awakenings -- whether moral, intellectual, religious, artistic, or sexual -- are tricky. Honest self-reflection doesn’t come easy, and self-satisfied accounts are the norm; we love to...
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