Views for 2011-02-16

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Sam Husseini
Already Forgetting the Martyrs of Egypt
In his news conference yesterday, Obama appeared to suggest that hundreds of protesters were not killed by the Mubarak regime in the last several weeks. Obama said, "what has been true in Egypt is...
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Joseph Huff-Hannon, Andy Bichlbaum
How Big Business Subverts Democracy
Defendants had a common plan to engage in acts … that deceived the press and public … These infringing and fraudulent acts are antithetical to public debate on important issues, because they prevent...
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Donna Smith
Cold Day in Hell Arrives for Patients
When I saw the cut to the low income energy assistance programs proposed by President Obama in his budget, I knew that meant more energy/utility shut-off notices for people already struggling all...
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Robert Scheer
Home Sweet Wall Street
A most dastardly deed occurred last Friday when the Obama administration issued a 29-page policy statement totally abandoning the federal government’s time-honored role in helping Americans achieve...
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Brad Thomson
From Cairo to Chicago and Beyond: Resisting Oppression, Building Resistance
Recent weeks have seen waves of popular protest sweep through the Middle East in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and notably the demonstrations in Egypt, which led to the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak...
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John R. MacArthur
ElBaradei’s Mendacious Foes
The journalism memento on my office wall that I most cherish is a framed note, dated May 26, 2003, from Mohamed ElBaradei, then director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency. In it, he...
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Jim Horn
Number 1 in the World, Mr. Duncan? Really? You Have Got to Be Kidding Me
Arne Duncan proclaimed a couple of days ago that he wants the U. S. to be #1 in educational achievement but that we have "a long way to go." But that's okay, boys, we're in a hole, so keep digging.
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Tom Engelhardt
How Intelligence Gets in the Way of Common Sense
Here’s the truth of it: You don’t need an $80-billion-plus budget and a morass of 17 intelligence agencies to look at the world and draw a few intelligent conclusions. Nor do you need $80 billion-...
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Norman Solomon
When “Good” Dictators Go Bad
A standard zigzag of political rhetoric went for a jaunt along Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday (Feb. 15) with a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at George Washington University. “Iran is...
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Amy Goodman
Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor
President Barack Obama unleashed his proposed 2012 budget this week, pronouncing, proudly: “I’ve called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years. This freeze would cut the...
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Danielle Nierenberg, Elena Davert
Calling All Farmers
Although cell phones have become our constant companions and personal play-things, in many parts of the world, having access to a cell phone means more than being able to check email or update a...
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