Views for 2011-02-11

Friday, February 11, 2011
David Porter
On “Leaderless Revolutions” and the Fall of Mubarak
“Leaderless revolutions,” as seen currently in North Africa, pose important challenges to outside media and to foreigners, generally, seeking authoritative voices to clarify the picture of fast-...
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Michael Winship
An Egyptian Voice of Democracy Says, Tell Old Pharaoh, Go
"The culture of democracy is still far away." That's what Egypt's Vice President Omar Suleiman told a group of the country's newspaper editors on Tuesday. It was just two days before President Hosni...
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Tariq Ali
Egypt's Joy as Mubarak Quits
A joyous night in Cairo. What bliss to be alive, to be an Egyptian and an Arab. In Tahrir Square they're chanting, "Egypt is free" and "We won!"
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Dave Lindorff, Dave Lindorff
The People of Egypt Have Done It! They Have Driven Mubarak Out!
Egypt's dictator for 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, has been driven from power by the uprising of the Egyptian people, who refused to accept his attempt last night to hang on to power.
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Michelle Chen
Bread and Butter Revolution: Egypt’s Workers Mobilize for a New Future
They weren't the first to make headlines in Tahrir Square, but Egypt's labor movement made an impressive debut this week in cities around the country. Workers from an array of industries launched...
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Greg Grandin
Building a Perfect Machine of Perpetual War: The Mexico to Colombia Security Corridor Advances
Last January, I wrote an essay for The Nation on Washington’s integration of Mexico, Central America and Colombia into a “security corridor.” I called it a “rump Monroe Doctrine,” an explosive mix of...
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John Stubley
The New Pharaohs of Egypt and the World
We are witnessing unfold in Egypt an expression of the inner reality of the human being in our time. No longer does the human being of today wish to subjugate themselves to the rulership of another...
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Phyllis Bennis
Mubarak's Defiance
After deliberately raising the hopes of millions of Egyptians and millions more around the world, U.S.-backed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak defied the rising demand of the millions of protesters...
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Paul Buchheit
A Diogenic Quest for an Honest Conservative
The goal is straightforward: to find one sensible and factual reason why the richest 1% deserve to have TRIPLED their share of the U.S. income pie since 1980. This amounts to an extra TRILLION...
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Davidson Loehr
Egyptian Irony
On February 8, our Vice President Joe Biden called Egypt’s new VP Omar Suleiman, saying Egypt should cancel the Emergency Law their government has used to suppress, imprison, torture and kill those...
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Tom Gallagher
An Obama Primary Challenge?
The last thing I want to see happen in the 2012 election is a Republican take the White House. But the next-to-last thing is pretty important to me, too: I don’t want to see the President’s military...
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Stephen Zunes
Why Egypt Will Not Be Another Iran
Some prominent congressional leaders and media pundits, in a cynical effort to mislead the American public into supporting the Mubarak regime in Egypt and opposing the popular nonviolent struggle for...
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Mark Weisbrot
This Time, the People of Haiti May Win
In 1915, the US Marines invaded Haiti, occupying the country until 1934. US officials rewrote the Haitian constitution, and when the Haitian national assembly refused to ratify it, they dissolved the...
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