Views for 2011-02-03

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Megan Tady
Will Congress Give Obama the ‘Mubarak Option’?
When millions took to the streets of Egypt last week to protest the Mubarak regime and call for democratic reform, the Egyptian government responded by cutting off Internet access and people's...
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Catherine Traywick
Why Sexual Violence Against Latina Farmworkers Is a Hate Crime
This week, two high-profile trials involving the racially motivated murders of Latinos in Pennsylvania and Arizona are exposing the unsettling implications of growing anti-immigrant sentiment.
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Greg Grandin
White House to Push for Colombia Free Trade Treaty: Expect Body Count to Rise
A federal government insider tells me we should soon expect the Obama administration to push Congress to ratify the stalled Colombia Free Trade Agreement, a treaty strongly opposed by unions and...
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Jeff Biggers
Yes, Virginia, This Dirty Coal Bill Is a Bad Bar Room Romance
Taking their cue from the widely disgraced West Virginia politicos and Big Coal lobbyists, some legislators in Virginia are courting a bad regulatory romance bill that could cost the state dearly --...
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Raffi Cavoukian
Cairo Sunshine All Around
A siren song is this Cairo freedom fire, the Tunisian spark now a roaring flame. A new Mecca in Tahrir Square. I close my eyes and wander to the city of my birth, and I'm just eight years old in the...
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Katitza Rodriguez
As International Privacy Day Is Celebrated, Governments Continue to Chip Away at Privacy Rights
"Effective data protection is vital for our democracies and underpins other fundamental rights and freedoms." - Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice...
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Ashley Sayeau
A New Battle on Abortion Rights
The 22 January marked the 38th anniversary of Roe v Wade – and already Republicans are celebrating with fresh attacks on abortion rights. Representative Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey,...
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Ruth Conniff
Obama, Mubarak: We Love Pro-Democracy Protesters!
President Obama's speech on Tuesday presenting the United States government's line on Egypt was so carefully calibrated to say nothing it was almost perfect in its meaninglessness. In words so...
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Ted Rall
The New Face of Revolution: After Tunisia and Egypt, the World
NEW YORK--From the British newspaper the Independent: "Like in many other countries in the region, protesters in Egypt complain about surging prices, unemployment and the authorities' reliance on...
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Erik Hoffner
The ‘Greenest Olympics’ Actually an Environmental Catastrophe
Like a downhill skier that crashes right out of the gate, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to earn a gold medal for "the greenest Olympics." World...
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Mark Weisbrot
Haiti's Growing Momentum Towards Democracy
It didn't get much attention in the media, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did something quite surprising on Sunday. After taping interviews on five big Sunday talkshows about Egypt, she...
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Bill McKibben
Inspired by a Revolution in Our Midst, Worried About a Revolution in Our Atmosphere
If you were in the space shuttle looking down yesterday, you would have seen a pair of truly awesome, even fearful, sights. Much of North America was obscured by a 2,000-mile storm dumping vast...
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