Views for 2011-01-18

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Josh Silver
Comcastrophe: Comcast/NBC Merger Approved
Today, the Federal Communications Commission blessed the merger of Comcast, the nation's largest cable and residential Internet provider, with NBC-Universal. The Justice Department is expected to...
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Lindsay Beyerstein
What Will The GOP Cut?
The Republicans won control of the House and picked up seats in the Senate in the midterm election on nebulous promises to slash spending and reduce the size of the federal government. House Speaker...
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Nir Rosen and Marika Theros
Afghanistan: Losing the Afghan People
President Barack Obama came to power promising to get the United States out of Iraq and refocus attention and resources back to the “good” but “forgotten” war in Afghanistan. After conducting perhaps...
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Jason Mark
Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Young Green Activists for a Warming World
The global headquarters of the international climate justice campaign is located on the fourteenth floor of a random building in downtown Oakland, California. Though "global headquarters"...
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Michael Lemonick
Can We Trust Climate Models? Increasingly, the Answer is ‘Yes’
A chart appears on page 45 of the 2007 Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), laying out projections for what global temperature and sea level should look like by...
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Tom Engelhardt
In the Crosshairs: From Tucson to Kabul
“Slowly a humped shape rose out of the pit, and the ghost of a beam of light seemed to flicker out from it. Forthwith flashes of actual flame, a bright glare leaping from one to another, sprang from...
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Barbara Miner
Supersized Dollars Drive 'Waiting for Superman' Agenda
In 1972, two young Washington Post reporters were investigating a low-level burglary at the Watergate Hotel and stumbled upon a host of unexplained coincidences and connections that reached to the...
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Soumaya Ghannoushi
Tunisians Must Dismantle the Monster Ben Ali Built
Few Tunisians could have imagined that a president who had repressed and stifled them for more than 23 years could be so fragile, so vulnerable. As soon as the uprising that raged around the country...
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Richard Wolff
The Myth of 'American Exceptionalism' Implodes
One aspect of "American exceptionalism" was always economic. US workers, so the story went, enjoyed a rising level of real wages that afforded their families a rising standard of living. Ever harder...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Vindication (by Barack Obama) of Dick Cheney
In the early months of Obama's presidency, the American Right did to him what they do to every Democratic politician: they accused him of being soft of defense (specifically "soft on Terror") and...
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Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon
A Time for Action - Not Servility
While Washington pundits are talking up a new civility, many progressives are bracing for the old servility -- a bipartisanship that is servile to a corporate elite that is unquenchably greedy and...
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Margaret Flowers
Revolution of Values: From MLK, Jr. to Bradley Manning
Yesterday I stood with 200 activists at the gates of Quantico Marine Base to protest the imprisonment and torture of a young patriot, Bradley Manning, who has not been convicted of any crime. It was...
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