Views for 2011-01-09

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Michelle Chen
Drawing Imaginary Lines in the Constitution: the Economics of Citizenship
Conservative lawmakers kicked off the new legislative session with a grandiose reading of the Constitution in the House this week, and then quickly settled down to shred its most important provisions.
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Keith Olbermann
Violence and Threats Have No Place in Democracy " flashvars="launch
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Caroline Arnold
The Disruptive Drip of WikiLeaks and the Public's Right to Know
This week I've been haunted by an AP Photo by Muhammed Muheisen in the Akron Beacon Journal (1/3/11 -- print edition only) showing a road in Pakistan just outside Islamabad. On pavement on the left...
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Randall Amster
Arizona’s Long Dark Night Continues
Perhaps not since the full-on throes of the Civil Rights era has a single state been so beset by crisis, conflict, and now catastrophe. Chronicling Arizona politics has been a trying and tiresome...
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Karen Dolan
No Ordinary Cross Hairs
Christina Taylor Green might well have made the world a better place someday. According to reports, Christina had just been elected to her elementary school's Student Council. Her neighbor brought...
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Jeff Biggers
Lock and Load and Lost in Tucson Today: What's the Matter with My Arizona?
TUCSON, Arizona--I was 8-years-old in Tucson when I first had a firearm pressed into my hands at a summer camp, and I locked and loaded and fired. I thought about that strange first gun experience...
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