Views for 2011-01-07

Friday, January 7, 2011
Jesse Hagopian
A Year After the Earthquake, Haiti Still Needs Help
When the Enriquillo fault line shifted at 4:53 p.m. last Jan. 12, our bed was sent across the hotel room, the other side of the building collapsed and, as we would soon find out, Haiti was devastated...
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Michelle Chen
US Flunks Women’s Health
Kids might dread that report card that comes every winter, but a nationwide report card on women’s health doesn’t make officials nearly as anxious as it should.
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Michael McCarthy
Have We Learned Nothing Since "Silent Spring"?
Nicotine, found in tobacco, is a deadly substance - and not only for smokers. It has long been known as a powerful natural insecticide, and its presence in the tobacco crop has evolved to deter pests...
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Glenn Greenwald
Daley is a Reflection, Not a Cause
Few things interest me less at this point than royal court personnel changes. I actually agree with the pro-Obama/Democratic-Party-loyal commentators who insist it doesn't much matter who becomes...
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Andy Worthington
Ending Bush's Big Lie on Guantánamo
During the Bush administration's "war on terror", it was important to dehumanise the men held at Guantánamo, to give life to the myth that the prison held "the worst of the worst" terrorists, picked...
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Nat Hentoff
Welcome to Guantánamo, the President's Private Prison
A major part of a presidential press secretary's job is to cover up his boss's violations of our rule of constitutional law by denying they happened. Yet, on Dec. 25, Robert Gibbs actually said on...
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Michael Ratner
Bringing the 'Bush Six' to Justice
Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed papers encouraging Judge Eloy Velasco and the Spanish national court to do what the United States will not: prosecute the "Bush Six" .
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David Sirota
The Money Paradox
If there's one thing you can still count on from today's increasingly erratic politics, it is pure unadulterated paradox. In a Washington circus that features as many morons as oxymorons, we have...
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David Cole
The Conservative Constitution of the United States
House members opened the 112th Congress on Thursday by reading aloud the Constitution, presumably as a first step toward fulfilling the tea party's goal of "restoring" our nation's founding document...
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Robert C. Koehler
Drone Reporting
For me, it always comes back to the media and the moral values implicit in throwaway news stories - the ones we barely notice as we move through our day. "A series of missile strikes killed at least...
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Francis Shor
Selective Compassion and the Pathologies of Inequality
“We believe in second chances and second opportunities,” declared the senior vice president for marketing from the Cleveland Cavaliers. This pronouncement accompanied the offer of an announcing job...
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Ramzy Baroud
Declaring Palestine: Revisiting Hope and Failure
When late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat read the Declaration of the Palestinian Independence just over 22 years ago, Palestinians everywhere were enthralled. They held onto his every word...
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Donna Smith
Will Vermont’s Babies Have a Better Chance?
As Peter Shumlin was officially sworn in as governor of Vermont, there was and is great hope that at least in one state we may see passage and implementation of a truly universal, single-payer...
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