Views for 2011-01-01

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Andrew Simms
We are Global Warming: 71 Months and Counting...
"You are not stuck in traffic," says the advert for a satnav system, "You are traffic."
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Richard Wolff
2011: Calling Time on Capitalism
An employee of the New Fabris factory, in Chatellerault, central France, walks next to a fire in front of the plant, in 2009, after 366 laid-off workers occupied the factory and threatened to blow it...
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Renée Loth
11 Things We Can Live Without in ’11
Last year on this date I wrote a column featuring "10 wishes for 2010." It was sweet, but with the exception of our unexpectedly glorious New England summer, few of my wishes (comity in Washington,...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Congressman King-Reincarnated as Senator Joe McCarthy
This kind of inquisition violates the spirit of the Constitution. — Albert Einstein, Letter to Wm. Frauenglass (1953)
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Mark Engler
The 2010 Worth Remembering
It is a tragic fact: progressives are notoriously bad at celebrating their victories. Tragic, because when it comes to motivating people to take action, keeping evidence that collective organizing...
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