Views for 2010-12-31

Friday, December 31, 2010
Judith Stein
Will U.S. Policymakers Repeat Mistakes of the 1970s?
A little over 30 years ago, American economic policymakers were faced with the choice of fighting unemployment or fighting inflation. Led by the Federal Reserve, which pushed interest rates to new...
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Rose Aguilar
The Media's Failure to Challenge Corporate Spin and Lies
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had a good laugh during a recent segment about the five biggest political lies of 2010 . PolitiFact gave the top prize to Republicans and pundits who repeatedly lied—and got...
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Lucia Green-Weiskel, Tina Gerhardt
Obama Admin Takes Aim at China’s Renewable-Energy Subsidies
Last week, in a move that pits American labor against China's green-technology industry, the Obama administration filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over China's wind-power subsidies...
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Randall Amster
2011: Time for a New Clear Vision
For the coming year, rather than short-term resolutions, I’m issuing an ongoing challenge that is at once both personal and political. Despite much evidence to the contrary, and notwithstanding the...
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Michelle Chen
A Bitter Pill: Birth Rates Fall, But It’s No Reproductive-Rights Victory
It seems that the Great Recession may have done for America’s teens what countless hours of puritanical preaching have failed to: dissuaded them from having babies. Federal health authorities...
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Bob Burnett
2010 “Person” of the Year: The US Supreme Court
It’s difficult to look beyond the tumult of current events and ask, “what happened this year that will be remembered ten, twenty, or fifty years from now?” However, there was one 2010 event that, in...
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Lindsay Dahl
It's Time to Protect Consumers from Toxic Chemicals
When most people hear the word "hormones," they have a flashback to high school science class or think of their adolescent children. But rarely do we think about staples of our everyday lives such as...
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David Sirota
A Snowy Glimpse of America's Future
"Welcome to the New Normal." Those words should be displayed at New York's airports as a welcome to bedraggled travelers during the Northeast's latest "snowpocalypse." Why? Because the Big Apple's...
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