Views for 2010-12-22

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Jessica Ritter
DREAM's on the Rise Now, and Nothing Can Kill It
Think youth activism in the U.S. is dead? Think again. Many Americans who are committed to issues of social and economic justice bemoan the current state of activism among young adults. They are...
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Karen Greenberg
Obama Walks Back on Guantánamo
The Obama administration, ProPublica's Dafna Linzer first reported , is about to issue an executive order that gives shape, contour and future life to indefinite detention for Guantánamo detainees...
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Adam Parsons
The Rise of ‘British’ People Power
This weekend in central London, amidst the falling snow and crowds of Christmas shoppers, British protesters carried out their biggest day of mass action this year - the targeting of major high...
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Harvard Ayers, Chie Sakakibara
Iñupiaq People Ask: “Will We Be the Victims of the Next Oil Spill Disaster?”
The BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that began on April 20, 2010, was a wakeup call for all of us as Americans as we weigh our country's energy future. In what way? It's because we Americans have...
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Jim Hightower, Jim Hightower
Color-Coded Terrorism Alerts Fade to Black
Okay, boys and girls, pull out your crayons, and let's see if you can do a better job of coloring than the Department of Homeland Security.
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Pablo Solon
Why Bolivia Stood Alone in Opposing the Cancún Climate Agreement
Diplomacy is traditionally a game of alliance and compromise. Yet in the early hours of Saturday 11 December, Bolivia found itself alone against the world: the only nation to oppose the outcome of...
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John Feffer
The Baby Trade
When Ok Chin was a child, her mother brought her to an orphanage. The family was poor, and her mother heard that the girl would get fed and clothed. Ok Chin would get an education. Maybe if the...
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Robert Scheer
Speaking Ill of ‘the Best and the Brightest’
One of “the best and the brightest” died last week, and in Richard Holbrooke we had a perfect example of the dark mischief to which David Halberstam referred when he authored that ironic label...
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Amy Goodman
President Obama’s Christmas Gift to AT&T (and Comcast and Verizon)
One of President Barack Obama’s signature campaign promises was to protect the freedom of the Internet. He said, in November 2007, “I will take a back seat to no one in my commitment to network...
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Rebecca Solnit
Iceberg Economies and Shadow Selves: Further Adventures in the Territories of Hope
After the Macondo well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, it was easy enough (on your choice of screen) to see a flaming oil platform, the very sea itself set afire with huge plumes of black smoke...
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