Views for 2010-12-13

Monday, December 13, 2010
Beverly Bell
The Poor Always Pay: The Electoral Crisis in Haiti
The start of Haiti’s most recent crisis came with ample warning. Most Port-au-Prince residents scurried to their homes mid-afternoon last Tuesday, certain of the violence and chaos which would ensue...
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Peter Kirwan
The US Government's Pursuit of WikiLeaks Could Be Its Undoing
This is about as good as it gets for the United States of America. Backed by the righteous anger of lawmakers and commentators, hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of the nation's brightest brains are...
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Robert Naiman
Daniel Ellsberg: "I Am WikiLeaks!"
Since E.D. Hirsch failed in his noble jihad to enforce Cultural Literacy, I can't assume readers are familiar with the scene in Annie Hall in which Woody Allen stops a movie line bloviator from...
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John Nichols
Ten Years After Bush v. Gore, Five Unfinished Election Reforms
Ten years after the US Supreme Court barred a real recount of Florida ballots and handed the presidency to the candidate who had lost the popular vote of the republic — in the original sin of the...
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Madeleine Bunting
The True Cost of Your New Christmas Laptop? Ask the Eastern Congolese
Inside the laptop on which I'm writing this column are tiny quantities of tin used to solder parts on the circuit board. I've used my mobile roughly 20 times in the course of my research, calling the...
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Lewis Lapham
Domesticated Deities: About Messiahs Come to Redeem Our Country, Not Govern It
Glory is like a circle in the water, Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, Till by broad spreading it disperse to nought. -- William Shakespeare
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Sarah Anderson
Toxic CEO Pay Story
As a critic of runaway CEO pay, I have a lot of scars from debates I've done on cable TV business shows. But my most memorable pummeling was in August 2007, when I nearly got my head bitten off for...
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Chris Hedges
No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted
I stood with hundreds of thousands of rebellious Czechoslovakians in 1989 on a cold winter night in Prague’s Wenceslas Square as the singer Marta Kubišová approached the balcony of the Melantrich...
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