Views for 2010-11-29

Monday, November 29, 2010
Jeff Biggers
EPA's Choice: Crucify Appalachia or Stand Up to Big Coal Lobby
No one in Washington, DC--outside of President Obama--will determine the future of clean water and health care in the Appalachian coalfields more than EPA administrator Lisa Jackson.
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Robert Naiman
Wikileaks Honduras: State Dept. Busted on Support of Coup
By July 24, 2009, the U.S. government was totally clear about the basic facts of what took place in Honduras on June 28, 2009. The U.S.
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Miriam Pemberton
Spend More on the Climate, Less on the Military
As deserts expand and droughts persist, desperate people begin fighting over the water that remains. Elsewhere, rising sea levels create mass migrations. These portraits of human tragedy caused by...
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Craig Comstock
The 'Transition Town' Movement's Initial Genius
Can we get beyond denial about peak oil, climate change, and economic troubles as long as we don't find forms of action open to us?
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Robert Kuttner
Backbone, Please
If anything is more overrated than bipartisanship, it is post-partisanship. The Republicans surely get this. They dig in their heels, don't budge, and wait for the Democrats either to fail, or to...
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Pierre Tristam
In Praise of Wikileaks
As I'm writing this, the New York Times , the Guardian in the U.K. and Der Spiegel in Germany are publishing the third in a series of huge document "dumps" by Wikileaks, Julian Assange's non-profit...
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Simon Jenkins
US Embassy Cables: The Job of the Media is Not to Protect the Powerful from Embarrassment
Is it justified? Should a newspaper disclose virtually all a nation's secret diplomatic communication, illegally downloaded by one of its citizens? The reporting in the Guardian of the first of a...
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Chris Hedges
Hope, Real Hope, Is About Doing Something
On Dec. 16 I will join Daniel Ellsberg , Medea Benjamin , Ray McGovern and several military veteran activists outside the White House to protest the futile and endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...
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Nnimmo Bassey
Commodifying Nature in an Age of Climate Change
For about two weeks, starting today, the world will be locked into another session of negotiations on how to tackle climate change. The conference, to be held in Cancun, Mexico, has drawn less...
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Dave Lindorff
The Yahoos are in Charge: Taking It Out on the Kids, and the Grandkids
One of the major talking points issued by the Republican Party to its newly elected members of Congress is that they should always say in interviews that they are worried about the impact of...
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Isabel Macdonald
Haiti Elections: A Sham in the Time of Cholera
In the midst of a cholera epidemic that has killed a reported 1,300 Haitians , the U.S., Canada and the United Nations insisted that Haiti's elections go ahead yesterday, as scheduled. However...
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Norman Solomon
WikiLeaks: Demystifying “Diplomacy”
Compared to the kind of secret cables that WikiLeaks has just shared with the world, everyday public statements from government officials are exercises in make-believe. In a democracy, people have a...
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