Views for 2010-11-22

Monday, November 22, 2010
Thom Hartmann
Michael Chertoff, Bend Over, Please…
During the time you're reading these words, somewhere in the world somebody is getting onto or off an airplane with a few ounces of cocaine, heroin, or diamonds packed into a condom and stuffed up...
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Ralph Nader
Bush's Friend Barack
After nearly two years out, I can imagine George W. Bush writing his successor the following letter: Dear President Obama:
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Margaret Flowers
New Health Care Law Fails to Make the Grade
When it comes to health insurance coverage, Wisconsin receives a B in comparison to other states, but only because it’s graded on a curve. The state’s 9.5 percent uninsured rate falls considerably...
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Wendell Potter
My Apologies to Michael Moore and the Health Insurance Industry
In advance of my appearance with Michael Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight on MSNBC (8 and 11 p.m.
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Dave Lindorff
Take Your Money and Run!
Leave it to a soccer hero to kickstart some serious political action. Eric Cantona, a French soccer star who finished his playing career at Manchester United and went into acting, has sparked a...
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Gary Younge
For White Americans, Things Aren't What They Used to Be
Pity George Bush. Scanning eight years of calamity for the lowest point in his presidency could not have been easy. Among the top contenders: Abu Ghraib; failing to act on threats of an al-Qaida...
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Tiffany Williams
Raise the Minimum Wage
When he was campaigning in 2008, President Barack Obama promised to raise the federal minimum wage, declaring "people who work full-time should not live in poverty." Obama proposed raising it to $9...
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Tim Shorrock
Telling the People’s Story: A Tribute to Chalmers Johnson
For Chalmers Johnson, a great man who died this weekend.
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Ted Rall
Why TSA Molesters Are Striking a Nerve
"Don't touch my junk!" Will this be the battle cry of the next American Revolution? If you think about it, it's amazing. Why this? But thinking doesn't have anything to do with it. There's a good...
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John Nichols
War Is a Lie
It was a Republican U.S. senator, Hiram Johnson of California, who is credited with coining the phrase: "The first casualty when war comes is truth.”
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Robert Kuttner
Saving Progressivism From Obama
What's the worst case, and the best case, that we can imagine for the next two years? Let's look at the economics first. Republicans and the White House both seem determined to make the recession...
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David Michael Green
Human Trafficking As A (Non-) Metaphor For Our Times
Next to genocide and war, human trafficking is about the most disgusting thing I can think of. For those unfamiliar with the term, human trafficking refers to what is essentially slavery (and I think...
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Paul Krugman
There Will Be Blood
Former Senator Alan Simpson is a Very Serious Person. He must be - after all, President Obama appointed him as co-chairman of a special commission on deficit reduction. So here's what the very...
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Dean Baker
Ireland Should 'Do an Argentina'
When a firefighter or medical team make a rescue, the person is usually better-off as a result. This is less clear when the rescuer is the European Central Bank (ECB) or the IMF.
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David Swanson
The New War Congress: An Obama-Republican War Alliance?
To understand just how bad the 112th Congress, elected on November 2nd and taking office on January 3rd, is likely to be for peace on Earth, one has to understand how incredibly awful the 110th and...
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Gwynne Dyer
Small Acts of Resistance
The “tourists” (as South Africans used to call them in deliberate mockery of their attempts to terrorise everybody, and as George W. Bush also called them because he didn’t speak English very well)...
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Janet Redman
Cancun: The Next Chance for Democratic Solutions to the Climate Crisis
When I lived in Bar Harbor, Maine, the story leaked that plans were in the works to sell our water company to a new private operator. Tired of broken pipes, lead contamination and inefficiency,...
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