Views for 2010-11-16

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Jon Walker
Where are the “Obama Tax Cuts?”
The lame duck session of Congress is shaping up to be dominated by the issue of what to do with the “Bush tax cuts” set to expire at the end of the year. Democrats want to extend the Bush tax cuts...
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Nick Turse
Twenty-First Century Blowback?
The construction projects are sprouting like mushrooms: walled complexes, high-strength weapons vaults, and underground bunkers with command and control capacities -- and they're being planned and...
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Marcy Wheeler
We Will Always Be at War against Everyone
As Spencer reported yesterday, the incoming Chair of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon wants to revisit and expand the 2001 AUMF authorizing our war against al Qaeda.
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Ralph Nader
Bush At Large
George W. Bush is on a roll-a money roll with a $7 million advance for his book Decision Points and a rehabilitation roll to paint his war crimes as justifiable mass-slaughter and torture.
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Karl Zeeuw
Airport Security: The Invisible Hand Cops A Feel
"If you touch my junk, I'm going to have you arrested." John Tyner's line lacks the elegance of "Give me liberty, or give me death" - but it doesn't lack the weight. We've got to pick it up and run...
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Nora Barrows-Friedman and Maureen Clare Murphy
US Activists Face New Repression as Political Prisoners Fight for Justice
For decades the United States government has attempted to criminalize work in the Palestinian community in support of their national liberation cause. But in recent years this repression has...
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Juan Cole
Kandahar: The Latest Casualty of an Invisible War
Not only is it unclear that the U.S. and NATO are winning their war in Afghanistan, the lack of support for their effort by the Afghanistan president himself has driven the American commander to the...
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Paul Thomas
The Corporate Takeover of American Schools
The top positions in state education across the US – for example, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, recent chancellors Joel Klein (New York) and Michelle Rhee (Washington, DC), and incoming...
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Christopher Phelps
The Democrats' Problem Was Not Overreach
The consensus in Washington and the mainstream news media is that last week's election represents the repudiation of the Obama administration and its policies, which tilted much too far to the left.
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Pierre Tristam
Offshoring War: How Obama—and Those Moments of Silence—Insult Military Sacrifice
“Honoring those who’ve served,” President Obama said in Seoul [last week], “is about more than the words we say on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. It’s about how we treat our Veterans every single day...
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Matthew Rothschild
Bush Can’t Travel Abroad Without Risking Arrest
George W. Bush better stay at home. The confessed waterboarder is a marked man. If he travels abroad, other countries can—and should—nab him and try him for the crime of torture. In his memoir and in...
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Tom Gallagher
The American Midterm Elections Seen from Abroad
Ever wonder what our elections look like to the rest of the world? Well, this year we have at least one ready-made answer at hand - the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE ),...
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Michael Moore
Don't Be Lame Duck Dems: An Open Letter to Congress
Dear Congressional Democrats: Welcome back to our nation's capital for your one final session of the 111th Congress. Come January, the Republicans will take over the House while the Democrats will...
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