Views for 2010-11-14

Sunday, November 14, 2010
César Chelala, César Chelala
Human Rights Groups United in Demand for Bush's Prosecution
Several human rights groups are united in their demand that former president George W. Bush face prosecution following his open admission that he authorized the use of waterboarding, one of the...
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Robert Freeman
It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class
For the past thirty years the rich have been waging war on the middle class. It’s been astonishingly effective, partly because it has been undeclared. But even that pretense is now being abandoned...
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Grace Lee Boggs
Why Was Obama Shellacked?
Two years ago, in the fall of 2008, over a million citizen activists of all ethnic groups, mostly young people, often accompanied by middle-aged or elderly independents, went door to door, urging...
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John Atcheson
A Five Step Program for Democrats: How to Win in 2012
Want to know why Democrats took such a “shellacking” in the midterms?Because Republicans ran unopposed. And if Obama and the Democrats want to regain power, they better make some radical adjustments...
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