Views for 2010-11-08

Monday, November 8, 2010
Karen Dolan
Who Gives A Rat's Behind that Progressive Lawmakers Won?
I recently published the blog post Buck Up Progressives--We WON! Many readers appreciated the silver lining to an otherwise demoralizing mid-term election outcome. Others thought the resilience of...
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Donna Smith
Dreams and Promises for Health Care Justice
In Denver tonight, I close myself in a hotel room and wonder what might have been. But I also marvel what has been and what will be and what must be for us all in the future. In the shadows of the...
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Sarah Lazare
AWOL Soldier Refusing Deployment Because of Severe PTSD
"I am just trying to get help," insisted Jeff Hanks, active duty US Army infantryman, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. "My goal in this situation is to simply heal. And they wonder why there...
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Robert Kuttner
Time for Team B - And a Movement
In the 1970s, the CIA appointed a "Team B" to challenge prevailing assumptions about national security. Since then, there have been other Team B exercises to question prevailing views.
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Michelle Chen
Our Iraq War Helped Displace Millions—Who We Now Shut Out
By definition, they’re the people nobody wants. Conflict, disaster, persecution and other crises uprooted about 43 million people from their homes last year. Many millions were displaced by conflicts...
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Michele Simon
Happy Meal Makeover: How a Healthy Food Coalition Defeated a Fast Food Icon
Last Tuesday, while most of the nation was distracted with the mid-term election, another vote was taking place in San Francisco City Hall. The Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance to place...
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Manuel Pérez Rocha
How about Saving all the Miners?
Remember the joy shared by millions around the world as we watched as the Chilean miners were rescued one by one? Celebrating their survival made me wish that the global mining industry could find...
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Austin McCann
Traumas of War in Everyday America
One of the clarion calls of anti-war movement has been, "Bring the war home!" This month, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are responding to that call creatively with Chicago In War, a...
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Gary Younge
The "Tea Party" Does Not Exist
Lectures about fiscal responsibility from the occupants of a plush suite on the 20th floor of one of the fanciest hotels in Las Vegas stick in the craw like a slice of cantaloupe swallowed sideways...
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James Carroll
The Prison Boom Comes Home to Roost
Will the fiscal collapse that has laid bare gross inequalities in the US economic system lead to meaningful reforms toward a more just society? One answer is suggested by the bursting of what might...
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Ray McGovern
"Damn Right": Bush Boasts about Waterboarding
Former President George W. Bush continues to be beyond shame. Those favored with an advance copy of his memoir, Decision Points, say it paints a picture of a totally unapologetic Bush bragging, for...
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Grace Lee Boggs
The Great 'Rethinkers': New Orleans Teens Rethink Schools and Shrimping
I’ve just read an inspiring and instructive story about how a few dozen middle schoolers in post-Katrina New Orleans began rethinking their schools and found themselves helping to reconstruct their...
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Chris Hedges
A Recipe for Fascism
American politics, as the midterm elections demonstrated, have descended into the irrational. On one side stands a corrupt liberal class, bereft of ideas and unable to respond coherently to the...
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John Feffer
The Lies of Islamophobia
The Muslims were bloodthirsty and treacherous. They conducted a sneak attack against the French army and slaughtered every single soldier, 20,000 in all. More than 1,000 years ago, in the mountain...
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Jeanne Mirer and Marjorie Cohn
Obama: Create Jobs by Executive Order
On May 6, 1935, with the country in the midst of the Great Depression, and with indirect efforts to create jobs having not moved the needle of unemployment rates, President Franklin D. Roosevelt...
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