Views for 2010-10-28

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Donna Smith
Being SiCKO in a Tea Party Nation
RENO, Nevada -- I ventured backward in my memories to the fall of 2006 and wondered what might have happened differently if the Tea Party ruled this nation. It's not that I am thrilled with the...
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Mark Engler
Argentinean President Dies, Business Rejoices
Rarely do you see it put in such crass terms. On Wednesday Néstor Kirchner—former Argentinean president, projected contender in next year’s elections, and husband of current president Cristina...
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Robert Naiman
Is the Pentagon Deliberately "Degrading" Afghanistan's Capacity for Peace?
On Wednesday, the Washington Post carried a remarkable article reporting that according to U.S. government assessments, the U.S. military escalation in Afghanistan has failed. The Post's Greg Miller...
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Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Don't Defund Public Broadcasting--Improve It
Here we go again. Conservative activists and Republican politicians are calling--one more time--to defund public broadcasting. The supposed offense this time around is NPR's decision to fire analyst...
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Catherine Traywick
Lawless Judges, Immigrant Soldiers, and Deportee Pardons
Here’s the harsh truth about our immigration system: When 392,000 immigrants are detained per year and 33,000 more are detained everyday with limited staff and minimal federal oversight,...
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Ann Jones
Big Men, Big Money, Big Voting Scam
Afghanistan still awaits final results from the nationwide election held last month to fill the 249 seats of the lower house of parliament. Deciding which of the more than 2,500 candidates won takes...
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Dave Lindorff
What Are They Hiding? Obama Administration Defending Black Site Prison at Bagram Airbase
A victory for the government in a federal court in New York City Monday marks another slide deeper into Dick Cheney’s “dark side” for the Obama Administration. In a lawsuit filed by the American...
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Keith Olbermann
If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses " flashvars="launch
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Robert Koehler
Defying a Superpower
WikiLeaks has given us another cold bath in reality: “As the vehicle approached Post 7, the Marines on post used hand and arm signals but the vehicle did not yield. The Marine at Post 7 employed a...
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Ted Rall
Bank Job: Make Rogue Corporations Pay for Foreclosure Crisis
BOSTON--"We know how to prevent foreclosures," Federal Reserve Bank senior economist Paul Willen told The New York Times. "We just need to be prepared to spend the money." Willen "sees two possible...
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