Views for 2010-10-19

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Laura Flanders
Fight for Your Right to Vote for CEO Pay
From the file marked "Good but could go bad," there's this news. We already know that CEO pay has spiked alarmingly over the last decade or so, causing dangerous rifts as ordinary working people...
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Dean Baker
Timothy Geithner Forecloses on the Moratorium Debate
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is good at telling fairy tales. Geithner first became known to the general public in September of 2008. Back then, he was head of the New York Federal Reserve...
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Lindsay Beyerstein
Foreclosuregate Hits Home
Earlier this month, Bank of America (BOA), the country’s largest bank, announced a moratorium on foreclosures in all 50 states.
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Robert Naiman
A Robin Hood Tax to Pay for the Wars
Two weeks until Election Day, and no-one is talking about the wars, the New York Times reports . (Of course, that's not quite true: as the Washington Post reports , for example, this former Army...
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Paul Morozzo
From Crude Awakening to Climate Camp, Direct Action Needs a New Story
One of the strange and worrying things about the past year is that even as evidence of the impact of climate change mounted, the direct action movement seemed at times to have subsided. Does Saturday...
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Matt Taibbi
More Tea Party Hilarity
Quelle surprise! So it turns out that one after another of the Tea Party candidates is in one way or another mooching off the government. The latest series of hilarious disclosures center around...
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Marc Morial
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: A Modern-Day Bull Connor
In April 1963, while confined to jail in Birmingham, Alabama for leading peaceful civil rights demonstrations in what was then considered to be the most segregated city in America, Dr. Martin Luther...
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Robert Reich
The Perfect Storm
It’s a perfect storm. And I’m not talking about the impending dangers facing Democrats. I’m talking about the dangers facing our democracy.
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Julie Hollar
What PBS Thinks You Need to Know: Replacement for Now & Moyers fails to fill their shoes
When Bill Moyers announced last November that he would be stepping down from Bill Moyers Journal, and PBS decided to cancel its other Friday night news show, Now, the network lost two hard-hitting...
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Greg Kaufmann
The Wall Comes Tumbling Down
It was an unlikely place to hear Abraham Joshua Heschel quoted, and the rabbi’s words came from an unlikely messenger.
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