Views for 2010-10-04

Monday, October 4, 2010
George Monbiot
Worse Than Pollution: Crazy Ants, Bird-Eating Mice and Murdering Mink
On a dark night last week a group of animal rights activists in Donegal made their own special contribution to the International Year of Biodiversity. They cut their way into a fur farm and released...
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Amy Traub
Keeping It Public (If the Libraries Don't Sway You, the Blazing House Might)
Last week, the New York Times reported on Library Systems & Services, a private, for-profit company that an increasing number of towns are contracting to take over their local public libraries.
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Barbara Hill and Matthew Pawa
Looking at the Real Cost of Fossil Fuel
Imagine an economic report that proposed to lower the price of milk by deregulating water pollution from dairy farms; or to make aluminum more affordable by letting corporations pile up mine tailings...
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Koustubh Parulekar
The 2010 Commonwealth Games – A Systemic Indicator of India’s Democracy
The 2010 Commonwealth Games, hosted in Delhi this October 3-14, are touted to be India’s answer to Beijing’s 2008 Olympic extravaganza; a vehicle to announce India’s arrival on the world stage as an...
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Sarah Laskow
Why Building a Bike-Safe City Is Key to a Clean Energy Future
Congress couldn’t get it together to vote even on the smallest of possible energy bills—the renewable energy standard—before the October recess. That doesn’t change the reality that our energy...
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Brendan Smith and Jeremy Brecher
Proposition 23: The Real Job Killer
The climate denial lobby behind Proposition 23 in California argues they're fighting to protect jobs by overturning what they like to call California's "Job Killing Global Warming Law." But don't be...
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Dave Lindorff
Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government Is X-Raying You as You Drive
If you have been feeling uneasy about having to be X-rayed by a Transportation Security Administration goon who can look under your clothes every time you fly, consider this: at least you can say no...
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JoAnne Berkenkamp
Farm-to-School's Teachable Moment
Schools throughout the country are shaking up the cafeteria through new initiatives to improve children's health while giving a boost to local farmers. It's time to give the mystery meat a break and...
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Stephan Salisbury, Stephan Salisbury
Surveillance, America’s Pastime
The dried blood on the concrete floor is there for all to see, a stain forever marking the spot on a Memphis motel balcony where Martin Luther King, Jr. lay mortally wounded by a sniper’s bullet. It...
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