Views for 2010-09-27

Monday, September 27, 2010
Rick Ayers
'Waiting for Superman': A Missed Opportunity for Education
While the education film Waiting For Superman has moving profiles of students struggling to succeed under difficult circumstances, it puts forward a sometimes misleading and other times dishonest...
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Cliff Schecter
President Obama: Finding Love in the Wrong Places
Accompany me, if you will, to an alternative universe. It is one where President Richard Nixon said “we’re all Keynesians now” and founded the Environmental Protection Agency, and President...
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Thomas Steinbeck
John Steinbeck, Michael Moore, and the Burgeoning Role of Planetary Patriotism
My father, John Steinbeck, was a man who held human history in great reverence, and in particular the biographies of those people who had risked their lives, their fortunes, and their worldly honor...
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Janet Redman
Transitioners: Leading the Way to a Smarter Future
Moments of crisis offer two options: You can respond out of fear by hunkering down, arming yourself, and planning to shoot anyone that comes near your end-of-days outpost. Or you can embrace a...
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Donna Smith
Firefighter’s Family Gets the Healthcare Boot
You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. Around Labor Day especially. Firefighters standing on the street corners of America with firefighters’ boots collecting money for Jerry’s kids, kids who have...
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Gary Houser
Nonviolent Resistance or Climate Hell
"The world's top climate scientists are now ringing the alarm bell at a deafening volume because the time to act has virtually passed, yet it is as if the frequency of the chime is beyond the...
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Karyn Strickler
Appalachia is Rising Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
I am a coal miner's great, great granddaughter. My grandpap Miller was killed in an Appalachian coal mine - and I am rising -- along with Appalachia Rising, a group in Washington, DC today to protest...
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Olga Bonfiglio
A Great Future Is in Store for Us (If We Want It)
The distinctions between pessimism, optimism, and hope can make a difference when it comes to envisioning the future. A pessimist believes there is no hope while an optimist thinks everything will...
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Michael Nagler
Replace the War System: Why and How
About the murderous rampage of U.S. soldiers from the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade who killed and dismembered Afghani civilians, evidently “for sport,” the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported on...
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George Lakoff
Why The Democrats’ Response to the Pledge Has Been Inadequate
The Democratic response to the Republican Pledge to America has been factual about its economics. The September 26, 2010 Sunday NY Times editorial goes through the economic details, and Democrats...
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Gary Younge
Obama Won as Cool and Unflappable. But Presidents Need to Act Angry Too
In the runup to the inauguration of its first president, the republic of the United States was engaged in an earnest debate over how to address its new leader. After a month the joint congressional...
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Andrew Bacevich
Prisoners of War: Bob Woodward and All the President’s Men (2010 Edition)
Once a serious journalist, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward now makes a very fine living as chief gossip-monger of the governing class. Early on in his career, along with Carl Bernstein, his...
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