Views for 2010-09-15

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Charlotte Taft
The Anti-Choice Hoax of the Century
I’m inviting you to see why the so-called Right To Life movement is the hoax of the century. I have been involved in the complex and fascinating work of providing abortion services since 1975...
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Michelle Chen
Roma, Latinos and Muslims: In France and America, Bigotry Knows No Borders
All the media stories of rabid attacks on Muslims and Latino immigrants in recent weeks might have you convinced that America’s racism is unique among nations. But across the Atlantic, another...
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Marcy Wheeler
When Political Activism Gets Treated as Potential Terrorism
PA’s Department of Homeland Security has employed an entity called the Institute for Terrorism Research and Response to monitor the web traffic of anti-drilling activists in that state. The effort...
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Ivan Eland
Has US Empire Benefited the World?
In a recent column , Thomas Friedman, probably the most influential “internationalist” — read: proponent of U.S. interventionism in faraway places — has finally discovered that the United States must...
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Amy Goodman
A Little Missed Sunshine
BONN, Germany-When first lady Michelle Obama started an organic garden at the White House, she sparked a national discussion on food, obesity, health and sustainability. But the green action on the...
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Rex Wingerter
Israel-Iran War: Not Inevitable
A chorus of pundits has lately been arguing that an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities is either inevitable or commendable. Recently, Jeffery Goldberg predicts in The Atlantic that...
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Pedro Noguera
Schools vs. Slogans: Listen to Educators Not "Reformers"
On August 24 Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced the ten winners of the latest Race to the Top competition. "These states show what is possible when adults come together to do the right thing...
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Jeff Biggers
Big Coal Tea Party Extremists Circle Wagons
Now it's Big Coal's turn to pick up the tab for the Tea Party.
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Jim Hightower
Exporting Jobs, Importing Workers
Maybe you're one of the thousands of young lawyers in America working in some low-skill, part-time job because law firms have cut so many of the starting positions you were educated to take. If so, I...
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David Krieger
New START Is a Needed Re-START
The New START agreement, signed by US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev, is not a major leap forward toward nuclear disarmament. Its goals are far more modest than needed, but they are...
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Rebecca Burns
"Feed The Future" Plan Repeats Mistakes of the Past
Deadly riots in Mozambique this month momentarily renewed attention to the vulnerability of poor countries to shocks in global food prices. Subsequent reassurance that there are adequate fuel and...
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Juliana Williams
Utah Approves First Tar Sands Mine in US
Yesterday, the Utah Governor’s Energy Initiative Task Force will hold a public hearing to gather input on Utah’s 10-year energy plan. This hearing comes one day after the Utah Division of Oil, Gas...
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Andy Worthington
By One Vote, US Court OKs Torture and “Extraordinary Rendition”
Sometimes a story is so troubling that it takes some time to digest, and the ruling delivered last Wednesday by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ( PDF ), in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of...
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