Views for 2010-09-06

Monday, September 6, 2010
Chris Hedges
‘They Kill Alex’
Carlos Arredondo, a native Costa Rican, stands in a parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Portland, Maine, next to his green Nissan pickup truck. The truck, its tailgate folded down, carries a flag-draped...
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Sarita Gupta
Jobs Emergency
It's been two years since the Lehman Brothers collapse set off a global financial meltdown. The government bailed out big Wall Street banks and they're now making bumper earnings. Major corporations...
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Robert Reich
The Real Lesson of Labor Day
Welcome to the worst Labor Day in the memory of most Americans. Organized labor is down to about 7 percent of the private work force. Members of non-organized labor -- most of the rest of us -- are...
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Christopher Brauchli
Poverty's Penalty
. . . .[W]ith liberty and justice for all. The Pledge of Allegiance Opinions from Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal are of interest to a variety of people. Lawyers read them in order to learn what the...
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Randall Amster
As Goes Arizona, Whither Goes the Nation?
We are now fully through the looking glass here in the state that has become synonymous with reactionary fear-mongering and institutionalized intolerance. To wit: Our sitting governor gets stumped...
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Donna Smith
Labor Day News Flash
As I was pulling my Labor Day weekend brain cells back to consciousness with my first morning cup of coffee, I saw the scroll. “Tony Orlando concert postponed in New Jersey amid fears of Hurricane...
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Gareth Porter
Biden and the False Iraq War Narrative
In an interview on the PBS NewsHour last Wednesday , Joe Biden was unwilling to contradict the official narrative of the Iraq War that Gen. David Petraeus and the Bush surge had turned Iraq into a...
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