Views for 2010-09-01

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
John Sauven
Weaning the World Off Oil
Ten days ago I received a letter from Cairn Energy, the British company at the centre of Greenpeace 's current direct action in the Arctic.
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Robert Naiman
Iraq/Afghanistan: A Promise Kept, A Promise Deferred
President Obama wants credit for keeping his promise to end the war in Iraq. Some credit is due: the President reaffirmed his commitment to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011, as...
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Jamal Juma'
What Israel's "Separation Wall" Has Done
Israel began constructing the wall in June 2002 following its invasion of cities in the West Bank, which it dubbed "Operation Defensive Shield." In retrospect, the invasion appears to have been a...
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Ghada Karmi
A Middle East Peace That Wreaks Havoc
What an irony that the Palestinians' arch-enemy, Israel, should also be their savior. There is a real danger that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks due to start on September 2 in Washington could...
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Sandy LeonVest
Billions for Acquisitions, Nothing for US Workers
When PBS’ corporate-friendly Nightly Business Report (NBR) airs a story at the top of its newscast about a major blockage in the corporate ‘trickle-down’ pipe, you know the jig is up. On August 30th...
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Norman Solomon
A Speech for Endless War
On the last night of August, the president used an Oval Office speech to boost a policy of perpetual war. Hours later, the New York Times front page offered a credulous gloss for the end of "the...
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Howard Friel
The Lomborg Deception: About Yesterday’s Front-Page Story in the Guardian
Howard Friel's most recent book is The Lomborg Deception: Setting the Record Straigh about Global Warming (Yale University Press, 2010) Yesterday, London's Guardian newspaper, an important paper with...
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Michael Winship
The Awful Price for Teaching Less than We Know
Watching Glenn Beck's performance Saturday at his "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, DC, I thought of the novelist Sinclair Lewis' Elmer Gantry, the charlatan evangelist who seduces most of those...
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César Chelala
The Iraq War's Tragic Legacy
The return of U.S. forces from Iraq in what is euphemistically called the end of the Iraq war is anything but the end of the conflict. The consequences of the war will be felt for many years to come...
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Firmin DeBrabander
Dying on Our Doorstep: Mexico's War and the US Drug Problem
Now that the Iraq campaign has drawn to a close, President Obama urges us to focus on political challenges closer to home. Good idea. In fact, why don't we take an important lesson from Iraq (i.e.,...
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Robert Scheer
Two Wars Don’t Make a Right
The carnage is not yet complete, and President Barack Obama's attempt to put the best face on the ignominious U.S. occupation of Iraq will not hide what he and the rest of the world well know. The...
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Bill Quigley, Laura Raymond
Another False Ending: Contracting out the Iraq Occupation
Another false ending to the Iraq war is being declared. Nearly seven years after George Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln, President Obama has just given a...
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Andrew Bacevich
Obama Wants Us To Forget the Lessons of Iraq
The Iraq war? Fuggedaboudit. "Now, it is time to turn the page." So advises the commander-in-chief at least. "[T]he bottom line is this," President Obama remarked last Saturday, "the war is ending."...
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