Views for 2010-08-31

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Simon Jenkins
A Trillion-Dollar Catastrophe. Yes, Iraq Was a Headline War
Today the Iraq war was declared over by Barack Obama . As his troops return home, Iraqis are marginally freer than in 2003, and considerably less secure. Two million remain abroad as refugees from...
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Zach Carter
Why Do Deficit Hawks Hate Social Security?
Last week, Social Security advocates learned something they had long suspected. Arguments for cutting Social Security aren’t really about economics or the deficit. They’re all about waging war on...
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Dale Wiehoff
Floods, Droughts and Famines
In the late 1870s, a series of droughts and famines devastated a broad swath of the globe, including what is now Pakistan. The 1876-78 drought killed 6 million people in India; in China, 12 million...
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Ray McGovern
What Obama Won't Say Tonight
President Barack Obama’s aides say his speech this evening marking the end of “combat operations” in Iraq will avoid the vainglorious aspects of President George W. Bush’s infamous “Mission...
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Linh Dinh
Spengler for Dummies
Nearly a hundred thousand people flocked to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally. Entire families drove in from distant states. They wore red, white and blue, carried American and Don't Tread On Me...
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Juan Cole
The Speech President Obama Should Give About the Iraq War (But Won’t)
Here is the speech that I wish President Obama would give about the Iraq War, but which neither he nor any other president ever will. Fellow Americans, and Iraqis who are watching this speech, I have...
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Christopher Cooper
"Is a Dream a Lie If It Don't Come True, Or Is It Something Worse?"
This evening, Tuesday, the last day of the month of August, 2010, our president Barack Obama will lie to us. You can be sure of it. It is a fact that all presidents lie. This particular untruth will...
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Laura Flanders
Boats for All Next Time
Five years ago this weekend, New Orleans nearly drowned. It didn't look that way at first -- the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit to the east, but the levee breaks that followed took out entire...
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Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati
The August Day Plutocracy Would Love Us to Forget
Ex-Presidents almost always follow a small number of well-worn scripts. Some rush to cash in on their celebrity. Some do charitable good deeds. Some just lie low. Exactly one century ago, on August...
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Mark Weisbrot
The Fallacy of Taking German Lessons
Germany's economic recovery has gathered steam lately and is being used – in both the European and the US press – to promote the view that Germany "had the formula right all along" and "made the...
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Mark Kastel and Will Fantle
The Food Safety Shell Game
What isn't being discussed in Congress, during the ongoing debate on the broken federal food safety system, is the root cause of the most serious pathogenic outbreaks in our food—the elephant (poop)...
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John Buell
Spirituality, Economics and Nature
The United States lags the world in responding to climate change. Guardian columnist George Monbiot points out that as the scientific consensus grows, skeptics gain ground. Though I find the...
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