Views for 2010-08-25

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Robert Weissman and Tyson Slocum
Here's What's Wrong With BP's Trust Fund
President Barack Obama's forceful demand that BP accept liability for the damage it caused in the Gulf was a highlight of the administration's handling of the BP disaster. Yet, like virtually...
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Robert Naiman
NYT Exploits Own Iraq Death Toll Denial to Trash Venezuela
It's bad enough that the editors of the New York Times have refused so far to tell the truth about what we know about the magnitude of the death toll in Iraq as a result of the US invasion and...
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Glen Ford
We Are Cornered: There's No Way Out Without a Fight
There is no cavalry coming over the ridge to save the people from massed capital. Certainly not the Democrats, whose self-caged left wing now finds its marginalized encampments under lockdown by...
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Richard Eskow
"310 Million Tits" -- If Simpson Doesn't Resign, the President Must Fire Him
Alan Simpson is the co-chair of President Obama's Deficit Commission, which is charged with creating a bipartisan consensus for balancing the budget. Lately Simpson's foulmouthed tirades have drawn...
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April Dávila
A Month Without Monsanto
In January of this year, while procrastinating on Facebook, I followed a link to an article reporting on evidence that there may be health effects associated with consuming Monsanto 's genetically...
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Elizabeth Galewski
Women — Still a Menace?
"DANGER! Woman's Suffrage Would Double the Irresponsible Vote. It is a MENACE to the Home, Men's Employment and to All Business."
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Tom Engelhardt
Should the US Be Bombed? The Nonexistent Debate Over American Weapons Proliferation Policies
For Star Trek fans, the news is grim. Some set of maniacs on planet Earth is ready to take all the pleasure out of that low-budget TV show and its ensuing set of big-budget movies. They are actually...
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Robert Scheer
They Go or Obama Goes
Barack Obama and the Democrats he led to a stunning victory two years ago are going down hard in the face of an economic crisis that he did nothing to create but which he has failed to solve. That is...
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Jim Hightower
Wall Street's Connected Lobbyists
Congress finally passed a moderate reform package to tighten regulations on the banksters of Wall Street. Of course, the banksters howled, protesting even the meekest of reforms - but the package is...
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