Views for 2010-08-23

Monday, August 23, 2010
James Ridgeway
The Latest Bi-Partisan Attack on Social Security: Let Them Eat Cat Food
President Obama’s Deficit Commission is all smoke and mirrors. Its members are making a big show of laboring over ”painful” choices and considering all options in their quest to bring down the...
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Medea Benjamin
Blackwater vs. Pinkwater: The Wife of Erik Prince Picks a Fight With CODEPINK
It felt surreal to be inside the home of Erik Prince, the founder, owner and chairman of Blackwater (or Xe, as it is now called). Prince, a former Navy Seal, provides security for the CIA, the...
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Ted Rall
Islamo-Gangsterism: In a Deteriorating Afghanistan, a New Breed of Terror
KABUL -- "In squads of roaring dirt bikes and armed to the teeth," Joshua Partlow reports in The Washington Post, "Taliban fighters are spreading like a brush fire into remote and defenseless...
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Grace Lee Boggs
Living for Change: If Not Now, When?
I won't be marching with Jesse Jackson in the March called by the UAW and the NAACP to commemorate the August 28, 1963 March on Washington. That's not only because at 95 my marching days are over. As...
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Andrew Simms
We've Gone Into the Ecological Red
At the weekend, Saturday 21 August to be precise, the world as a whole went into " ecological debt ".
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Janine Jackson
‘Spotlight’ on Police Violence Fails to Illuminate
Seattle freelance videographer Jud Morris thought he saw news April 17 when he found a police officer standing over a man lying on the sidewalk, telling him, "I'm going to beat the fucking Mexican...
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Robert Jensen
There Are No Heroes in Illegal and Immoral Wars
When the 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division rolled out of Iraq last week, the colonel commanding the brigade told a reporter that his soldiers were "leaving as heroes." While we can...
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