Views for 2010-08-22

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Alex Hannaford
The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Teresa Lewis
On 23 September, 40-year-old Teresa Lewis will become the first woman to be executed in the state of Virginia for almost a century. She'll also be the first woman put to death in the US since 2005...
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Neal Peirce
Public Libraries: Enablers of Americans' Dreams
America's public libraries, fast turning themselves into "one-stop shops" for digital job searches, appear to be staging one of their great historic transformations.
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Ann Wright
Israeli Soldiers Sell Gaza Flotilla Passengers’ Computers and Steal Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Cash
Despite appeals from 750 passengers on the Gaza flotilla to their governments to pressure the Israeli government to protect and return their personal belongings that were taken by Israeli commandos...
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Patricia Williams
It's No Wonder the Haitians Wanted Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean has been disqualified from running for the presidency of Haiti because he has not been a resident for at least the last five years. While Jean respected the decision as a legal matter,...
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Christopher Brauchli
Juvenile Justice Military Style
O neglectful nature, wherefore art thou thus partial, becoming to some of thy children a tender and benignant mother, to others a most cruel and ruthless stepmother? — Leonardo da Vinci, The Notebooks
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John Cox
The First Amendment Applies to Muslims As Well
On Aug. 6 the Connecticut Post reported that "about a dozen right-wing Christians, carrying placards and yelling ‘Islam is a lie,' angrily confronted worshippers. ‘Jesus hates Muslims,' they screamed...
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Arshad Khan
Democracy or “Lobbyocracy”?
In July, the SEC fined Goldman-Sachs $550 million for failing to disclose vital information in selling an investment. But if there were fraud, as alleged, then why not a criminal case? John Paulson...
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Stan Cox
Waking Up from the Air-Conditioned Dream
As this torrid summer wears on, electric utilities in all regions of the country are struggling to satisfy record demand. The bulk of that extra power is going to run air-conditioning systems,...
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Phyllis Bennis
Waging Peace from Afar: Divestment and Israeli Occupation
When Israeli commandos launched their assault on the unarmed flotilla of ships carrying hundreds of humanitarian aid workers and 10,000 tons of supplies for the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least...
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