Views for 2010-08-18

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Shashank Bengali
Other Countries Probing Bush-era Torture — Why Aren't We?
WASHINGTON - In June, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a Canadian man who contends that U.S. authorities mistook him for an al Qaida operative in 2002 and shipped him to a secret prison...
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John Nichols
To Address Climate Change: 'We Need a Movement'
SYDNEY, Australia -- Australia will hold national elections this week and there is no question that climate change is a front-and-center issue. I've appeared on a number of panels to discuss the...
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Tom Engelhardt
Meeting Chalmers Johnson
In September 1998, I was handed a submission for a proposed book by Chalmers Johnson. I was then (as I am now) consulting editor at Metropolitan Books. 9/11 was three years away, the Bush...
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Juan Cole
Bolton was Contradicted by Bush on Iran’s Bushehr Reactor
Former US ambassador and perennial angry old crank John Bolton is so upset about the possibility that Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor will soon go live that he says Israel has a window of only 8 days...
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Sandy LeonVest
Green Activists Need Allies in Anti-War Movement
The most recent tally of the cost of war by the non-profit National Priorities Project (NPP) puts total military-related expenditures (through September, 2010) at a mind-numbing $1.09 trillion. That'...
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Ted Rall
Nine Years Later, Afghan City is Buzzing But Still Menacing
TALOQAN, AFGHANISTAN -- Nine years ago, when I was using this provincial Afghan capital as a base to cover the battle of Kunduz, Taloqan was a dangerous place with medieval charm. Donkey carts and...
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John Feffer
So, Robert Gibbs: Where's Our Money?
I have a simple question for Robert Gibbs, the outspoken press secretary of the Obama administration who recently told the "professional left" to quit criticizing the president. Yes, the president...
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Michael Winship
You've Got to Be Carefully Taught
As citizens of the nation continue through the summer, distracting themselves from difficult truths by howling at the moon and one another, I spent this past weekend in Manhattan seeing revivals of...
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Mark Morford
Thank God Global Warming is a Hoax
I mean, right? You know? Because gosh Jesus in angry apocalyptic heaven, wouldn't it be just terrible if it were all true? Wouldn't it be horrible if all this stunning, insanely mounting, irrefutable...
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Dave Zweifel
Corporate Cash Quickly Flows
I was in Minneapolis for a family wedding recently and couldn't help noticing by reading the papers just how big an impact the U.S. Supreme Court decision on corporate cash was having on our...
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Amy Goodman
Mosque-Issippi Burning
Salman Hamdani died on Sept. 11, 2001. The 23-year-old research assistant at Rockefeller University had a degree in biochemistry. He was also a trained emergency medical technician and a cadet with...
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Robert Scheer
Ground Zero for Tolerance
Are the Republicans terminally stupid or are they just playing the dangerous fool? In either case, the irrational attack on Muslims everywhere by the GOP's leadership is not only deeply subversive...
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Jim Hightower
Corporate America Speaking Out
Congressional Republicans have spent the first two years of the Obama administration as the rock-solid party of "no," "uh-uh," "no way," "forget about it," "nothing doing," "we're-against-it-and-we'...
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