Views for 2010-07-28

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Jeff Biggers
Darkness at Noon in Arizona: Delayed, But Not Over
While a federal judge struck down important parts of Arizona's draconian immigration law today, namely the obligatory police check of immigration status, the battle over Arizona's immigration crisis...
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San Francisco Chronicle Editorial
Money Spoke Against Disclose Act
Senate Republicans made sure this fall's elections will be drenched in corporate money. By threatening a filibuster, the minority party blocked a Democratic plan to require disclosures of business...
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Jill Schneiderman
Bringing a “Whole New Mind” to the BP Oil Catastrophe
I picked up and couldn't stop reading, author Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainer's Will Rule the Future , because I reside with three of his so-called "R(ight brain)-directed" thinkers...
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David Morris
ACORN Deserves an Apology, Too
Shirley Sherrod has her job back and a presidential apology. ACORN is still waiting. The cases are remarkably similar. Both Sherrod and ACORN were demonized by highly edited videos appearing on right...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Could Wikileaks Offer A Way Out of War?
The war in Afghanistan just got a little foggier -- or a little more transparent -- depending on how you choose to see the weekend's 92,000-item document dump courtesy of Wikileaks. As London's...
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Daniel Moss
So That All May Drink
After years of grassroots pressure, the UN General Assembly will debate a resolution July 28 th on the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation.
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Wendell Potter
For-Profit Insurers Leaning on Regulators to "Reform" Health Reform
The nation's biggest insurers -- not happy with provisions of the four-month-old health care reform law that would force many of them to spend more of the money they collect in premiums for their...
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Amy Goodman
WikiLeaks’ Afghan War Diary has done it again, publishing thousands of classified documents about the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The website provides a secure platform for whistle-blowers to deliver documents,...
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Jim Hightower
Truth and Irony in Agriculture Fiascos
The Shirley Sherrod Story started innocently. It was a beautiful anecdote of redemption and personal growth, which she related last year at a meeting of the Georgia NAACP. The story told by this...
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Neve Gordon
Ethnic Cleansing in the Israeli Negev
A menacing convoy of bulldozers was heading back to Be'er Sheva as I drove towards al-Arakib, a Bedouin village located not more than 10 minutes from the city. Once I entered the dirt road leading to...
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César Chelala
Worse Than Imagined: Consequences of the Iraq War
In 2003, several weeks before the start of the Iraq war, I wrote an article on the impending war in which I warned against the terrible humanitarian consequences that a war against that country would...
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Jesse Hagopian
Rheehire the Teachers, Rheetire the Chancellor
"We are going to impose the new evaluation tools regardless" [of the outcome of talks with the union]. "We are going to be moving people out who are not performing." -District of Columbia Public...
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Danny Postel and Ted Smukler
‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You’: Wage Theft and SB 1070
The Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice , a worker center in Phoenix, has seen a "huge spike" in wage theft since SB 1070, Arizona's draconian immigration law, passed in April. Trina Zelle...
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