Views for 2010-07-27

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Phyllis Bennis
Pentagon Papers 2.0: Afghanistan
This set of documents is unquestionably the most important history so far of key parts of the US war in Afghanistan. These are reports of troops and commanders in the field to other military...
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Chuck Collins
Beware of the Cowardly Deficit Vulture
There's an invasive species in our national discourse, a recent arrival in our civic forest. It's the "yellow-bellied deficit vulture," recently spotted circling the Capitol building and heard...
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Randall Amster
Climate of Fear: SB 1070 and Extremist Violence on the Arizona Border
One of the unspoken tragedies and implicit intentions of Arizona's anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, is the promotion of a climate of fear among certain segments of the population. This fear-mongering...
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Robert Naiman
House Votes Today on Afghan, Pakistan Wars
The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this afternoon on the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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John Sauven
Greenpeace Activists Tell BP: End the Oil Age Early
Today has been a momentous day for BP. The company announced the largest corporate loss in UK history and revealed the identity of a new CEO whose job it will be to turn the company around.
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Norman Solomon
State of Denial: After the Big Leak, Spinning for War
Washington’s spin machine is in overdrive to counter the massive leak of documents on Afghanistan. Much of the counterattack revolves around the theme that the documents aren’t particularly relevant...
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Tom Andrews
146 Votes Away from Afghanistan Exit
The secret documents released Sunday by WikiLeaks provide 92,000 additional reasons why Congress should stop the US war in Afghanistan. It will take 146 votes on the floor of the House to do so. Call...
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Francis Shor
Imperial Overkill and the Death of US Empire
The oft-cited reference to Afghanistan as the "graveyard of empires" haunts the increasingly desperate military measures of the United States in that beleaguered country. However, beyond Afghanistan...
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David Dayen
White House Defends the Indefensible - Obama's Afghan Policy
John McCain lashed out at Wikileaks and Julian Assange yesterday, calling for their prosecution for releasing over 91,000 field reports and documents about the Afghan war. In the same breath, he...
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Charles Komanoff
Can Viable Carbon Tax Arise from the Senate’s Ashes?
And now, ve may begin? Readers of a certain age, and a certain literary bent, will recognize the words of Alexander Portnoy's psychiatrist, spoken at the close of Philip Roth's transgressive 1969...
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Bonnie Bricker and Adil E. Shamoo
Secrecy Industry Hits Home
Marylanders in Odenton, Annapolis, Frederick and our home town of Columbia had their suspicions answered last week when The Washington Post published a three-part series about our unchecked, out-of-...
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Robert Reich
The Great Decoupling of Corporate Profits from Jobs
Second-quarter earnings reports are coming in, and they're making Wall Street smile. Corporate profits are up. And big American companies are sitting on a gigantic pile of money. The 500 largest non-...
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Nushin Arbabzadah
War Logs are No Surprise to Afghans
Julian Assange's remarkable service to truth, transparency and democracy are appreciated on the ground in Afghanistan. Yet there was little in the WikiLeaks revelations that came as a surprise to...
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Mark Weisbrot
No Convincing Economic Arguments Against Further Stimulus Spending
In much of the world, including the United States and Europe, a debate is taking place about whether the government's first responsibility should be to reduce unemployment – which is at elevated...
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Donna Smith
Who Tells the Dead Patient Stories Now?
Since the health insurance reform bill passed this past spring, you’d think we suddenly stopped having American patients die and suffer unimaginable horror at the hands of the corporate owned and...
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Jeff Cohen
Wikileaks: Time to Celebrate, Time to Mourn
It's time to celebrate. It's a big win for Internet-based indy media that posted its "Afghan War Diary" based on 90,000 leaked U.S. military records detailing a failing war in which U.S...
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