Views for 2010-07-23

Friday, July 23, 2010
Robert Naiman
Will House Dems Oppose a Jobless War Supplemental?
The war supplemental for Afghanistan is expected to come back from the Senate to the House next week - without any kind of timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan, and without money to...
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Ray McGovern
For Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone, a Terror Topping
A recent exposé in the Washington Post shows that if you have a security clearance and are comfortable being part of a lucrative "self-licking ice cream cone" - a process that offers few if any...
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Danny Schechter
The Eleven Pens Of Barack Obama: Signing Financial Reform Is Signing Up For A New Struggle To Make It Real
With eleven pens for souvenirs, President Obama signed the financial reform bill in a rare celebratory moment. Significantly, the ceremony did not take place in the Oval Office but up the block at...
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Ralph Nader
Letter to President Obama on Professor Elizabeth Warren
Dear President Obama: It is time for you to give taxpayers, consumers, and investors a reason to believe that you are truly interested in consumer protection by nominating Professor Elizabeth Warren...
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Abe Louise Young
BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle
In the first few days after BP's Deepwater Horizon wellhead exploded, spewing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup workers could be seen on Louisiana beaches wearing scarlet pants and white t-...
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Mary Beth Hastings
Why Are We Still Funding Abstinence-Only Programming?
It seems you can't keep a bad idea down. Even though the Obama administration has pledged that science will finally trump ideology when it comes to global AIDS prevention, we recently learned that U...
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John Feffer
Shades of Evil
Who would have thought that the evil team bent on destroying the world would be composed entirely of people of color? In the imagination of Hollywood, after all, the bad guys are now white guys like...
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Laura Edwards-Orr
How Willie Nelson’s Bedrock, the Family Farmer, Could Save the American Economy
As an advocate for local, and for family farmers, I know that there is immense power in the experiential. When you have a direct relationship with a farmer, you just know that relationship is...
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Dan Froomkin
The American Empire According to TomDispatch
The mainstream media have always been easily distracted and beguiled -- but never more than now, when the next diversion is always just one click away.
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Clare Bayard
A Slow Motion Katrina: Notes from the BP Catastrophe
July 18th: I left New Orleans yesterday. On my way to the airport, I saw the front page of the Times-Picayune screaming "Leak Stopped." Half of me aches for this to be true, but I'm terrified that...
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Ali Abunimah
Israelis Embrace One-State Solution from Unexpected Direction
There has been a strong revival in recent years of support among Palestinians for a one-state solution guaranteeing equal rights to Palestinians and Israeli Jews throughout historic Palestine. One...
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Michelle Chen
A DREAM is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Immigrant Youth and Economic Crisis
In the atrium of the Hart Senate Office on Tuesday, a group of immigrant youth held up a sign that read "Undocumented and Unafraid." The graduation caps they wore were a defiant testament to their...
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Paul Krugman
Addicted to Bush
For a couple of years, it was the love that dared not speak his name. In 2008, Republican candidates hardly ever mentioned the president still sitting in the White House. After the election, the G.O...
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Jodie Evans
Countering the Iraq War Spinners
Almost eight years ago, I made my way to DC to meet up with Medea Benjamin and a few other friends to talk about what we could do to stop the Bush administration's insane push toward invading an...
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Tom Turnipseed
Secrecy Sucks: Spooky, Snoopy Spies Run Amuck
Since 9/11, a collection of secret intelligence groups called the United States Intelligence Community (IC) has become a monstrous, overlapping hodge-podge of spooks with some 850,000 people having...
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