Views for 2010-07-16

Friday, July 16, 2010
Chris Hellman
Pentagon Spending on the Chopping Block
The current economic crisis , coupled with concerns about spiraling deficits and our staggering national debt, is, at long last, bringing military spending to the forefront of the budget debate.
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Ralph Nader
Learning from Iran
An article in the current issue of the AARP Bulletin is likely to get a “What’s this?” reaction from many of its millions of readers. It is titled “Iranian Cure for the Delta’s Blues,” with the eye-...
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Brooke Jarvis
France (Not) to Repay Debt to Haiti
Wednesday was Bastille Day, the day that France celebrates liberty, equality, and fraternity, the famous ideals of the French Revolution. In the spirit of the day, a statement claiming to be from...
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Christian Parenti
The Big Green Buy
In the wake of the BP oil spill, some captains of industry have begun calling for government leadership to spur a clean-energy revolution. In June billionaire software mogul Bill Gates visited...
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Mark Weisbrot
South of the Border: Reviewing the Reviewers
It's nice when you make a documentary about how the major media outlets misrepresent reality, and the media response to the film proves your point.
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Mark Morford
The Great Dick Cheney Empathy Test
Former Vice President Dick Cheney disclosed Wednesday that he has undergone surgery to install a small pump to help his heart work, as the 69-year-old enters a new phase of what he called "increasing...
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George Lakoff
Conservatism’s Death Gusher
The issue is death - death gushing at ten thousand pounds per square inch from a mile below the sea, tens of thousands of barrels of death a day. Not just death to eleven human beings. Death to sea...
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Terry Link
Inequality Is the Real Debt Burden
Recent polls indicate that many Americans are as concerned about growing government debt as they are about terrorism. It's interesting that concern about debt occurs almost rhythmically when...
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Robert Reich
The New Finance Bill: A Mountain of Legislative Paper, a Molehill of Reform
Thursday the President pronounced that "because of this [financial reform] bill the American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for Wall Street's mistakes."
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Andy Worthington
Defiance in Isolation: The Last Stand of Omar Khadr
In the last week, Omar Khadr, the only Western citizen still held in Guantánamo, has sacked his US lawyers and stated that he will boycott his forthcoming trial by Military Commission, scheduled to...
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Medea Benjamin
Afghan Envoy Holbrooke and Senate in La La Land
“Man, those dudes are in La La Land,” a young intern said to me on the way out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Afghanistan on June 14, his eyes rolling. “You can’t win in...
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Bill Quigley, Rachel Meeropol
Dissent Victory for Animal Rights Activists
Police reports state that on October 21, 2007 a group of about twenty people trespassed onto the front lawn of the home of a Berkeley professor involved in bio-medical research on animals. According...
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David Krieger
The 65th Anniversary of the Nuclear Age
July 16, 1945 marked the beginning of the Nuclear Age. On that day, the United States conducted the first explosive test of an atomic device. The test was code-named Trinity and took place at the...
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