Views for 2010-07-12

Monday, July 12, 2010
Karen Dolan
Unemployed Become a Political Football
Fifteen million Americans are currently unemployed, and nearly half of that number has been actively and fruitlessly seeking employment for longer than six months. The depth and breadth of our labor...
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Robert Naiman
Could a "Great Negotiation" End the War in Afghanistan?
A commonly proffered argument against negotiations to end the war in Afghanistan has been: "why should the Afghan Taliban negotiate, when they think they are winning?" For many months, this argument...
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Kerry Trueman
America: Too Big To Flail?
If correctly identifying your problems is the first step to solving them, I'm afraid we'll all be peeling tar balls off our heels before we get a handle on the BP blowout. "Please stop calling it a...
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Mark Weisbrot
Washington Still Has Problems With Democracy in Latin America
Imagine that Barack Obama, upon taking office in January 2009, had decided to deliver on his campaign promise “to end business-as-usual in Washington so we can bring about real change.” Imagine that...
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Joseph Stiglitz
Taming Finance in an Age of Austerity
NEW YORK - It was not long ago that we could say, "We are all Keynesians now." The financial sector and its free-market ideology had brought the world to the brink of ruin. Markets clearly were not...
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Grace Lee Boggs
The 2nd US Social Forum: ReBuilding and ReDefining the USA
Eleven score and three years ago 55 delegates -- mostly lawyers, merchants, planters and slaveowners, representing their personal and regional interests, but calling themselves “We, the people of the...
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Tom Engelhardt
Why Are We in Afghanistan?
July 12, 2011, Washington, D.C. -- In triumphant testimony before a joint committee of Congress in which he was greeted on both sides of the aisle as a conquering hero, Gen.
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Firmin DeBrabander
Escalating the War on Weeds
A few weeks back, the New York Times made mention of an astounding development, which has, for whatever reason, received little fanfare or recognition. Despite its Vietnam War notoriety, Agent Orange...
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Ira Chernus
The Hypocrisy of Preaching Nonviolence to Palestinians
Nicholas Kristof is in Palestine, though like all mass media journalists he calls it "the West Bank." He has just discovered that many Palestinians are resisting the Israeli occupation nonviolently,...
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Chris Hedges
Obama’s Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick
A close reading of the new health care legislation, which will conveniently take effect in 2014 after the next presidential election, is deeply depressing. The legislation not only mocks the lofty...
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