Views for 2010-07-11

Sunday, July 11, 2010
James K. Galbraith
Tremble, Banks, Tremble
The financial crisis in America isn't over. It's ongoing, it remains unresolved, and it stands in the way of full economic recovery. The cause, at the deepest level, was a breakdown in the rule of...
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Les Leopold
Why the Idiocy About Unemployment?
My wife, a labor economist, is upset with NPR's "The Take Away" (and many other news programs) for reinforcing the myth that somehow the unemployed are to blame for not having a job. We all should be...
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Dennis Bernstein
Who Goes to Jail? BP CEO or Shrimper
On June 17, after watching BP's oil blowout pollute the Gulf of Mexico for nearly two months, environmental campaigner and fourth-generation Texas shrimp boat captain, Diane Wilson, had had more than...
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Eric Margolis
Saving Face in Unwinnable War
Fire-breathing U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his Special Forces "mafia" were supposed to crush Afghan resistance to western occupation. But McChrystal was fired after rude remarks from his staff...
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Sadhbh Walshe
A Truly Toxic Issue: Our Chemical Environment
I used to be under the impression that you had a reasonable chance of avoiding debilitating and potentially fatal diseases like cancer if you just took a few simple precautions: ate plenty of fruit...
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Roberto Rodriguez
Arizona’s SB 1070: A Crack Law by any Other Name
By now, most of the world has learned that the Republican-dominated legislature in Arizona and its unelected governor are capable of creating laws more associated with repressive regimes - or bygone...
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Caroline Arnold
Moving Further from the Common Good
If we have a pool we want to fill with water, does it make more sense to turn on a faucet and fill it up, or to hire pilots to seed the clouds and try to make it rain?
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