Views for 2010-07-08

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Jim Naureckas
Defending Arizona: Pundits Scramble to Justify Anti-Immigrant Law
When Arizona passed a patently unconstitutional law, SB 1070, requiring residents to prove their citizenship to any suspicious police officer, the state did not lack for defenders in the corporate...
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Donna Smith
What We Make Our Sisters Do for Healthcare
Sisters, we are allowing great pain and suffering. Sisters, we are doing more than allowing great pain and suffering, we are participating in it. All around us, our moms, our daughters, our cousins,...
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Beverly Bell
A Second Slave Rebellion in Haiti
One of the many effects of poverty in Haiti is that desperate parents regularly give away their children in the hope that the new family will feed and educate the children better than they themselves...
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Mitchell Anderson
Fish and Oil: Sorrow, Survival and Solidarity in Louisiana's Bayou
I spent last week in southern Louisiana, in a region I had never visited before. My first impression was one of sadness; a long profound melancholy that seemed to reside in the landscape: the spires...
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Glenn Greenwald
Octavia Nasr's Firing and What "the Liberal Media" Allows
CNN yesterday ended the 20-year career of Octavia Nasr , its Atlanta-based Senior Middle East News Editor, because of a now-deleted tweet she wrote on Sunday upon learning of the death of one of the...
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William J. Astore
Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures
If one quality characterizes our wars today, it's their endurance. They never seem to end. Though war itself may not be an American inevitability, these days many factors combine to make constant war...
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Robert Jensen
Struggling to be ‘Fully Alive’
“I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said many times over the centuries.” That may have been the most insightful response to my essay asking people to report on how they cope with the...
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Ramzy Baroud
Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives
Cluster bombs are in the news again, thanks to a recent report from Amnesty International. The human rights agency has confirmed that 35 women and children were killed following the latest US attacks...
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Toronto Star Editorial
Win for US War Resisters
Parliament has voted twice to let Iraq war resisters from the United States stay in Canada. Now the Federal Court of Appeal has added its voice to the debate.
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George Monbiot
Filth and Fury: A 'Climategate' Reflection
"You are a fucking douchebag. You pathetic fucking Phony. I hope there is an earthquake right under your fucking house and swallows you into hell." Does this offend you? If so, you haven't been...
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David Dayen
Why Teachers Unions Are Fed Up with Obama
This is a couple days old, but it's worth paying attention to. The two most powerful teachers' unions blasted the President and his education policies at their annual conventions. In particular, they...
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Jeremy Scahill
Former Top CIA Spy on How US Intelligence Became Big Business
Few who have seen the dramatic privatization of US intelligence operations from the inside ever speak about the role private contractors play in covert operations--certainly not in public.
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Andy Worthington
Bin Laden Cook Accepts Plea Deal at Guantánamo Trial
In an alleged victory for the Military Commission trial system for terror suspects at Guantánamo, revived by President Obama last year despite the fact that he suspended the Commissions on his first...
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George Lakoff
Disaster Messaging
Democrats are constantly resorting to disaster messaging. Here’s a description the typical situation. • The Republicans outmessage the Democrats. The Democrats, having no effective response, face...
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